The Thinks I Think: Thursday, edition 1

Hey! Go out there and get the life you want; it's out there!


I posted this picture to Instagram this morning. I believe whole-heartedly in the message and everything about it, right down to the smiling open-mouthed goofy ass grin I have. I took some time away from my blog and from various social media platforms for a few reasons. 1) I needed a break. I was annoying myself with my inane droning on and on about things. 2) I thought I might have to pull out from MCM after the Navy/Air-Force Half, and I really wanted to focus on stuff, listen to my coach and not take in any unnecessary distractions from anything or anyone. 3) I was going through some things that I thought would be life-changing but ended up pulling the plug at the last minute because I was no longer comfortable with the situation (which I felt was going to be hostile) that was going to occur once I got to the other side. You pick your battles and after the shittastic year that I have had, I really decided I didn’t have it in me to pick up, do battle, and come out on the other side relatively unscathed. yknow, that listening to your gut thing. I did that for once and feel pretty good about it. 4) I applied to run Boston with Tedy’s team and I did not make the cut. And I wanted to rethink my race schedule and some of my running goals for 2015.

After this time off, this morning on my morning metro ride, I got to thinking about what I was doing when I took the time off to recharge my batteries, and the conclusion I came to was that “I am making moves to make my life MORE kick ass” BAM! 

I will run Marine Corps Marathon this weekend. It is going to be EPIC! My buddy, Linzie, over at SharpEndurance is coming to DC to run MCM and spend the weekend wandering around DC with me! :-D I could not be more thrilled over here! He was someone I was fortunate enough to meet at a runDisney event and we have been in contact since then, numerous times so when the opportunity to spend some quality time with him came up this weekend, I jumped at the chance! I am going to the expo this afternoon and then picking Linzie up tomorrow. We have a semi-meetup happening with some other InkNBurn ambassadors that are coming in to run MCM at a trolley tour and will do the bRUNch on saturday and the race Sunday! My ragnar teammate (from both trails and road) will be cruising with me during the race also. I won’t be running as fast as I was training for because I have had to switch to intervals to be able to achieve the 26.2 mile distance this weekend. But it is going to be AMAZING!

With that being said. I have done a lot of thinking and not making tedy’s team for Boston was kind of a big blow at first. I wanted to do something as a tribute for my father, but yknow what, I really need a break from distances over 16 miles for right now and I need to reassess my strength and build some more of it. I will be running RnR DC in March and we are pulling together a Ragnar Trails WV team, but I think that is my list so far for Spring 2015. I am hoping to run Cherry Blossom ten miler again, but that all depends on if I get in the lottery or not :-).

Since completing my Masters degree in Software Engineering (yes, I am proud of that) in August (2 months ago), I have taken a step back from a lot of sidework and taken the extra time to learn to relax. Yes, I said LEARN to relax. I don’t remember how to do it, but I am slowly working on it and it is going well!

What are you up to this weekend? Are you going to come check out Marine Corps Marathon and cheer runners on? Are you running? Or, do you just get frustrated because a lot of the roads in dc shut down for this Sunday each year? Lemme know what you are thinking!


Navy/Air Force Half Marathon

A few months ago, I decided to sign up for the Navy/Air Force Half. This was my first half marathon since the RnR DC half back in March. Since I am deep into marathon training, this was a good way to get in some miles and keep the motivation up! Plus it helped that I wore this shirt the night before:

When I feel sad, I stop and be awesome instead! My pop hooked me up w this shirt! Hopefully, while I'm out racing/running, it inspires you to be awesome!

It was a happy reminder of my dad and he used to tell me to do this regularly. 

Anyway, so I spoke with my coach a couple of weeks before and switched my long run to Sunday, having Saturday off, which was good because I got something resembling food poisoning or an intestinal like stomach bug on Thursday night – IT WAS TERRIBLE. I was up most of the night on Thursday, in the bathroom. Thank god I was scheduled to work from home on Friday! Anyway, so my weekend started out somewhat less than pleasantly. Fast forward through Friday to Saturday where I am mostly recovered, but my stomach still felt slightly off and I was working hard to catch up on sleep. My mom decided to come to the race expo with me, because she hadn’t been down to nats stadium and the waterfront in SE since they started building it all up! We had a fun little adventure; we drove down to where I work, and parked there and took the metro a few stops over to Navy yard-Stadium on the green line. When we got there people had already lined up and were waiting. Apparently, unlike many other larger races, the Navy/Air Force half doesn’t assign bib numbers beforehand, which can cause some confusion and slowing of packet pickup, but overall not as much of a cluster as it could have been. My mom and I each got on a packet line and raced to the front (she won). 


Candid shot of my mom, racing me in line :-)

Anyway, we blew through packet pick up and went back home to take the dogs to the vet and relax. I spent the day praying my stomach would right itself. We cleaned a lot too. My husband got his office set up, we moved a fold out couch into his office among other things. He spent most of the evening in his newly set up office and I spent it watching reruns on our couch in the other room. I had 16 miles to complete the following morning and initially was going to get up and run the 2.9 before the race, but decided against it. I went to bed early with my clothes laid out and an extra shirt packed for the extra miles I had planned on doing following the race. 

On Sunday morning, I woke up at 4:23am (don’t ask, for some reason I have an OCD thing about getting up at __:30 or __:00 or any number ending in 5). I snuggled with my pug for a bit and checked my phone, like all good computer geeks do and then proceeded to get up and get dressed. When I went to let the dogs out, I realized the dark portion of the morning was a little chillier than anticipated which would have made for excellent running weather but not so awesome for waiting around weather. So I grabbed a sweater and some arm sleeves for the start of the race. 

I drove downtown and parked at work. And hung out in my car for a few mins before headed to the start line. I got over to the start around 6:45 and realized I really needed to go to the bathroom. The line for the port-a-potties was pretty long and the race was starting at 7:10, although quite a few people thought it was starting at 7am. Anyway, I made it to the port-a-potty and back out to the start line. By the time we were starting, I had already stripped off the arm sleeves and tucked them into the back of my capris for the race.


Me, at the start line.

The race started promptly at 7:10am and it took me a solid 2 mins to get to the start, because like at all other races, people think it is a good idea to walk across the start… Anyway, it was bunched up at the start like at all other races. So I tried to get out to the side and find my groove. I started out going like 9:38 and then slowed down to 9:58.

Miles 1-5, I started running and was going pretty strong and when I checked my watch at the first beep, I was like whoa! 9:58, sweet! but I don’t think I can hold this for 13 miles… can I? As I continued to motor along, I managed to hold the pace around 10mm, and was thinking I might PR, like MASSIVELY and then had the follow up thought of let’s not get ahead of ourselves… there is a lot of race left. 

Miles 6-7, I hung in there and held on to my 10 mm average. 

Miles 8-10, my mileage times started to creep up slowly but surely. First, 10:13, then 10:32, then 10:58.

Mile 11-12 were between 11:11 and 11:30. I had to stop and stretch my left calf which was getting tight. (my right one started getting tight on haines point during the Cherry Blossom ten miler).

Miles 13 and 0.1 (really 0.37), I sucked it up and found SOMEthing left to finish the race up. I ended up improving my old 1/2 marathon time by 8 minutes! My old PR, from RnR DC half was 2:27:xx and I finished the NAF Half on Sunday in 2:19:07!!! WOOOO!!!


my Navy/Air Force Half medal

8 min PR  now to head home and do 2.9 more miles!   (was on target for 12 min pr but crapped out at mile 10)

Me after the race, with an 8 min PR!

I was beating myself up for a bit following the race because I was on target during the first 7 miles for a 12 min PR and I lost 4 minutes during miles 8-12 :-(  and I was mostly beating myself up because i KNOW I could have done better.

BUT you win some you lose some right?

Lessons learned: stop beating yourself up!

Did you race this past weekend? When was your last shiny new PR? How did it feel? Do you ever beat yourself up when you don’t live up to your own harsh standards?

Techy Tuesday!

Hey guys, I am interested in starting a Tech Tuesday type post every week, answering some of your tech questions, whether it be about wordpress, blogger, HTML, CSS, Drupal, Javascript, jQuery, PHP or anything else you might be able to think of! You may have seen me on your other neighborhood friendly blogs scratchin out some mad wordpress themes for Kat and Linzie among others!

I do have a masters in Software Engineering and Cyber Security and would love to just generally help some peeps out with my big brain!

I am a web developer and IT Specialist during the day (been in the computer nerd game for over 9 years), so I figure I should be able to provide you with recommendations, guidance and so on. So, let me know what you would like to see, whether it be a post on how to go self-hosted (or a series of posts on that), how to get a wordpress menu set up, whatever the case may be. Hit me with your questions!

until I get questions, I will just put all of these memes here…

and if this totally bombs and nobody wants my knowledge or has any questions at first, maybe I will just pick a topic to feature! Ok, lemme know!

In other news, come back and all of that. And if you are bored and want to help a sister out, go over here and make a donation to help the puppies and the kitties! We are $191 from goal!

If you want more insanity, feel free to find me on twitterfacebookinstagram, or pinterest 

Weekly OM, or something like it.

in case you don’t know yet, this is me:      


me, in my awesome INB

I like to run and I occasionally have beers. I had just driven into our Ragnar trails campsite and was handed a beer. Good times. Anyway, as I rapidly approach this weekend and my first 20 miler in this cycle of marathon training, I thought it would be good to do a post on all of my awesome running buddies. 

These are my running friends and I am thankful for EVERY last one of them:

From left to right: Leanne, me, Jenn, Gail, Leah, Tony, Shana

This was my awesome ragnar trails team. These 6 people have been with me on two separate Ragnars and hopefully for many more as they are a ton of fun, awesome at support and amazing humans in general.

As was our WHOLE Ragnar DC team:


Starting on bottom left: Leanne, Shana, Sheena, Gail, Jenn, Allison Upper left: me, Kyle, Andrew, Ben, Tony

Anyway, you will see some duplicates as we go on here. 


Hey everyone, I know you’ve seen Gail, but I want yall to meet her! This was right before the Reston 10 Miler, this year. She has been on numerous long runs with me, been caught in rain storms with me and generally entertained me. We have known each other for a very very long time, always being some kind of active together and while we don’t always agree, we are always there for each other.


this is Leah. She has been an incredible support during this marathon training cycle. Getting up early on saturdays, surviving the heat and humidity, listening to me whine. heh I have mentioned her before, but yknow, I am lucky to have her around and willing to run with me.

Somehow managed to convince  to show up at 5:30am and run the first 4 of my long run today. Wooooooooo!!!

This is Sheena. Sheena is a mother f-ing trooper. She gets up at 5am on weekdays to RUN. WITH ME. when I make her :-) — She has been great. On my last long run (18 miles), she ran the first 5 with me and then rode really slowly next to me for the next 13. AWESOME!

Had buddy and remy w me for 10 of my 16 miles. Grateful for company.

This is Rachel (and Remy). Rachel isn’t so much a runner, but she is a becca supporter. She and her four legged pal have voluntarily accompanied me on a long run and plan to do it again this training cycle! Totally jazzed to have people willing to get up and meet me in the nasty hot heat for some miles on a SATURDAY morning!

Anyway, this is a mere glimpse of the running buddies I have here. One of them moved away to California for making her get up and run with me at 5am :-) Just kidding. Michelle moved across country to get away from the humidity :-)

Anyway, I am thankful. What are you thankful for?



Sometimes I Feel Like a Dick

Sometimes I feel like a dick and sometimes I don’t. Right now, we are going to discuss the times I do. My social skills consist of abrasiveness, honesty, and a whole host of other things most people find less than endearing. It’s just who I am.

Do I have tact? Yea. Do I know how to use it? Yes. Do I use it? No. Often times, I feel like I can be more easily misinterpreted or my words can be more easily misconstrued when I sugar coat things. It’s just who I am. I have statistics to back this up (#nolie) 

This is of course 72% untrue. What do I mean by the 72% untrue bit?  

Am I these things? Yes. But I do sugar coat stuff for people, often more times than I would care to. In my head though, this is WAY more true. And sometimes some of those unabridged, completely raw thoughts slip out and shock me and others.

Also, my lack of sugar coating could mean we’ve just met and I don’t care. For example, on my way out of an event yesterday, I was saying good bye to everyone and someone said nice meeting you and I was like yea, same to you, but I got shit to do. This person was taken aback by my dickishness. Now, with that being said, that wasn’t even my REAL dickishness, that was just the fun and lovable becca my friends have come to know (and in theory, love. I mean, they put up with me…for now).

Moving into the friend-zone, I am also an over analyzer.

This factors into my being a dick. Sometimes when I am a dick (or when I think I am a dick), especially to people I care about, I find myself analyzing and over-analyzing again and again, interactions that I otherwise would not have thought twice about. Hehe. But I also know that I am not alone in this. Many of us do something (doesn’t have to be you being a dick), and then fixate on it, wondering if it was the right thing to do or if we could have done something slightly different that would have provided the desired outcome and still been within our ethical and moral standards. (hell, as we speak, i am prolly editing this post because i am overanalyzing…)

So with my unique talent, I constantly replay and overanalyze my actions and statements and regularly apologize for things, like speaking my mind. I then get into arguments with myself a fair amount of the time because I don’t think I should have to apologize but then apologize anyway. and then I wonder if, by apologizing, I am doing the right thing. 

To give you a stellar example of overanalyzing stuff (refer to top of post… and how i overanalyze things or continue reading) something that just happened. All of the people in my facebook feed are posting pics of their kids going back to school because in VA, today is the start of school! They are all adorable! But to participate, I posted a pic of my dog from when he was so little to now 3.5 years old to participate in the theme filling my feed… the theme of “They’re growing up so fast”. It amused me, but now I am spending time over analyzing whether people will get offended. IS THAT HOW LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE?! 

it even got to the point where an old boss and friend told me he KNOWS I overthink things! HAH!

I would love to stop, but can’t manage to and I think it is because I am scared to not be prepared for ALL OF THE THINGS. <insert sigh here>

Easier said than done….

plan b — continue to overanalyze and DEMAND EUPHORIA!

but of course: 

so I digress and I move on to my second round of over analyzing :-) If you need me, I will be in my cave. 



Weekly Om: Pop. Small Things. And Other Topics I wanted to Throw in There

yknow what. I know this is my weekly om and I am supposed to give 5 things I am grateful or thanksful for because yknow, it is a good reminder for me and for others to be thankful for the big and the little things. But shit, y’all. I am just grateful in general. Happy to be alive and happy to be here. When I wrote about my father’s death, I wrote about things I learned, and we all know I learned more than just those things, but those seemed the most important at the time.

Things I know that I cannot change: My pop will never see my brother get married; he wont/didnt see me graduate from grad school; he will never meet his grandkids; he wont be there to tell my mother (who is retired) to take a break (from her 2-4 jobs at any given time); he wont be there to sit with my husband and watch soccer; he isnt there to embarrass and make fun of me anymore and god knows, I didnt have enough time to return the favor and embarrass him…

But he did teach me, and many others, to STOP waiting and START doing. Never say WISH, SHOULD, or TRY. Say I WILL. and just DO.

<insert power song here>


My mom is actually talking about set dates when she may take trips (trips she has been talking about for YEARS). My brother actually calls my mom more regularly now — on the first occurrence of this, I actually asked him what he wanted and he said “can’t a son call his mother?” and I said “yea, but you don’t… without a purpose” (hehe color me amused). There have even been changes in my dog, who stopped getting on the couch for a while after pop’s death. These are just small examples of things people have started DOING and stopped just merely talking about. Some of my friends have commented about what my pop’s death has shown them: that you gotta live life and stop watching it on the sidelines. 

It’s funny cause he couldn’t tell people that enough… that you gotta live life for RIGHT NOW. 

Anyway, I am just thankful. I have great friends, kick ass family, and awesome big things happening! 


because everyone can relate to the lyrics in this song. (if you’re a runner, this is the perfect song for mile 24 of your first marathon!)

pretty much any Rage Against the Machine song should get you off your ass, doing, instead of just talking… so YEA that.

and I will leave you with this final song from Queen Bey herself because for anyone out there, even though I know the song is called Run the World (Girls), it is gonna get EVERYONE out there believing they can do anything. (makes your run faster too) 

Weekly Om, Because Being Thankful is Important

Whew! That was some kind of hiatus huh? Between my dad passing, and my final push for grad school, I just didn’t have the energy needed to blog as well. Sounds like a lame excuse, but it is the truth. <Sigh> Oh well, I am back now! And just in time for Weekly Om Wednesday!

There is so much to be thankful for and it is really important to be grateful for all of the awesomeness that happens every day in our lives. (yknow, you gotta appreciate the little things because all of the little things make up the bigger things).

So a while back, I decided that every Wednesday, I would give thanks for 5 things I was grateful for; but then, I got out of practice. Anyway, we are getting back in practice :-)

1) I am grateful to all of the people who came out for my pop’s funeral or who reached out whether it be on the book of face, twitter, text, here on the blog, etc. I know my family and I are all grateful for the response we have gotten from the community. We are truly blessed to have all of you in our lives. Everyone has been so helpful and understanding and gracious. Really. just because it happened a month and a half ago, doesn’t mean things are back to normal. This is a monumental blow to my family and me as a human. It will take me a long time to move forward into my new normal. I have reached out to a few people and talked about what I am feeling and have asked for help on making decisions. 

2) Number 1, brings me to number 2. I am grateful for all of the advice people have given me whether asked for or not. I am so very grateful. My pop was the advice giver, at least for me. Every major (and sometimes minor) decision I ran past him to make sure I had covered all angles, thought of everything and made the best decision with the best information I had at the time. A few of my friends have stepped up and really helped me out in this way. Also, my mom tried real hard, but as I told her, laughingly, she just isn’t dad. hehe. which feeds into number 3.

3) My family. We have all been there for each other. Supporting each other and providing support. Listening, laughing, crying (#noshame). 

4) Those that have talked to me about their problems and what is going on with them. It has provided me with distraction; something else to think about as I move through and navigate these familiar but completely foreign waters.

this is the opposite but was too funny not to post

5) Those who have listened even when they have something monumental going on. While this isnt my first time with grief of a close loved one, it is my first time with the loss of a close blood relative and this whole grief thing… man it comes in waves. When I dealt with it before, with Donovan, I put it off for three years. And well… by then, it was remembering the happy times and not being so shocked and sad still. Acceptance had already happened. With my pop, I have just been trying to get through the stages leading up to acceptance :-)

thank you friends!!!

and i am hoping soon to make it to a place that looks like this: 

Florida Keys

because I need a break from things and life and why the hell not go down to the keys (or miami), listen to some Jimmy Buffett and sip some adult beverages?


Death is Never Fun

My whole life, I was blessed with the privilege of knowing this wonderful man:

My dad on his costa rica trip in early 2014

My dad on his costa rica trip in early 2014

Words can’t accurately describe what my father meant to me. We had our ups and downs and disagreements like all parent-child relationships and in these last few years, pop and I had come to an understanding and developed a friendship that could not be broken. I am truly blessed to have known this man as he grew and changed (even as he aged) and even more blessed to have been able to call him Dad.

 On Thursday, July 3, I received a phone call that will forever change my world. My mother called and said that my brother and I needed to come down to Virginia Beach where my folks were vacationing for the week. There had been an accident with Dad and we were needed as soon as we could get there. My father was not sick, he had no long-term illness that suddenly acted up… point being, this was completely unexpected. 

I won’t rehash exactly what happened because frankly, some things need to be private. Needless to say, my father passed away on July 5th at 6:05pm. Now, I gotta tell you, I have seen a fair amount of death in my life, but nothing has cut me as deep as this. My pop and I were pretty close when I was younger and we had had our differences in the mid 2000s but since 2009, had been rebuilding what we lost and had actually become pretty close again. I discussed all large life decisions (why get a life coach, when you have someone like my pop who will tell you the good and bad honestly about the decisions you are trying to make). He was an awesome guy, generous, caring, loving, just an all around awesome dude (can’t say it enough). 

Anyway family filtered in over the course of the week following the 5th and the funeral was held on Friday, the 11th. Things were real before the funeral, but became really real on the 11th at the burial service. The services were lovely, the feelings of reality setting in was terrible. All I really wanted was to feel normal and Friday was anything but normal.

In my father’s death, I have learned a lot. He was the smartest guy I know and I was lucky enough to call him pop and spend time with him leading up to his sudden and early passing. But the things I am learning do not cancel out the sadness. And the condolences and sorry-s I keep getting do not bring my dad back either — I realize people don’t know what else to say, and while I am appreciative and happy that pop was loved by the people that knew him, it can get a little overwhelming at times. I have a lot of feelings going through me. I want to say that most of them are happy memories that I remember and then realize I wont be having anymore of those, which then turns it to a sad kind of happiness. It is hard to put it all into words. 



I was talking to Kat this morning and I was telling her that I had a myriad of emotions; they go something like this: angry, sad, angry, denial, angry, sad-happiness from memories…. And when I say angry, I am not even angry at any one person. I am just angry. Angry my pop had to go so soon. Angry that I miss him. Angry that I am not being strong for my mom. Angry that I am not being strong for the others in my life. Just angry. And you know what? It’s ok to be angry. It’s ok to be sad, and it’s even ok to not be strong. I have decided; LET IT BE SO!

As hard as it is to accept, I have learned and will continue to learn every day from my father’s death and from things that he has told me and imparted to me.  And maybe some day, when you’re older, I will tell you all of the things I have learned from this amazing person. I am sure I am not done writing on this, but for now, I am done (with this post at least), so allow me to leave you with a few final thoughts which were most apparent when I was sitting in that hospital room with my family:

    • Never stop loving. 
    • Always hug people (even if you aren’t a hugger, try). 
    • Tell your loved ones how you feel. STOP taking them for granted and tell them you appreciate them (even if it is awkward… which it prolly will be). 
    • ALWAYS appreciate the little things, it will make you happier in the long run; big things don’t happen every day but little things do.
    • ALWAYS challenge yourself.
    • Sing even when people are listening (and you know you will be off key) — Stop caring as much about what people think about you; it’s ok to be you.

And if you were lucky enough to know my pop, then you know that you should always listen to a little Jimmy Buffet to lighten the mood. :-)



SMILE MORE, even at the randoms! 

Happy Birthday America

Me at the Vietnam run, July 3, 2014

Me at the Vietnam run, July 3, 2014

Today, be sure to stop and think about all that this country has been through. We celebrate the fourth of July because it was the day we adopted the Declaration of Independence and declared our independence from Great Britain.

My runs in the morning, start at 5:30am and generally end around 6:30am — they are generally peaceful, always sweaty and often introspective. Yesterday morning was no exception.

Remember the fallen, reread the declaration of independence and grab a beer n’ hotdog and head outside to watch the fireworks! 

Happy fourth y’all! 

Fitbloggin 2014

Two years ago, in 2012, I discovered that there was a blogging conference called fitbloggin. I discovered it as it was going on and totally missed out. In 2013, fitbloggin was held in Portland and I just couldn’t swing the airfare. When fitbloggin 2014 was announced to be held in Savannah, I booked my conference pass as soon as I could and reserved a room! 

The week leading up to fitbloggin, I was pretty excited. Definitely ready to head out to Savannah, especially as the pics started in the facebook group prior to Thursday, but for some reason, I could not motivate myself to pack. So I did what EVERYONE does… and waited until last minute :-) (No lie, most of this recap is going to be in pictures, because EVERYONE LOVES PICTURES!)

By the time I finally did get packed up, my roommate was already en route and my pug knew something was up… 

Aldy by my Luggage

There was a terrible disaster when I got to the airport… apparently, even though I booked my flight in February, they oversold the flight (as they are legally allowed to do) and when you are the last to check in, you get screwed… which I was and thought I would get screwed. I spoke with the gate peeps and with a manager and after calling for volunteers, was finally able to get seated on a flight. And when I got to Savannah I set an alarm to check in at 9am Saturday morning for my return flight. 

Kat picked me up from the airport and we rolled back to the hotel and I got checked in!

View of Savannah from our room

Our view from the room

While I was getting situated, Kat was hard at work: 

work hard, play hard

work hard, play hard

After stopping and dumping stuff in the hotel, we went down to the reception and then headed out for FOOD! I landed around 5:30 and got to the hotel at 6. I was BEGGING Kat for food throughout the reception — hehehe. 

Sushi Date with Kat

Kat on our sushi date!

Linzie crashed our dinner date, via facetime and we had a nice chat and showed him ALL OF THE SUSHI!

After that we strolled around Savannah and headed back to the hotel to rest up. 

Kat and I went down to the hotel gym to get in a workout in our inknburn and we saw Erica at the gym

Kat and Me in INB

Kat and me in INKnBURN

We met up with Shannyn at breakfast the next morning and decided to shower up, hit a session and then explore savannah!

Kat, Erica, Shannyn and I did a mead tasting at the Savannah Bee Shop

Kat, Erica, Shannyn and I did a mead tasting at the Savannah Bee Shop

and then we met up with Brandon 

 How We Fitblog :-)

and we all had a beer and a shot. We walked around Savannah with our beers (open container laws of GA – three words, beer. to. go.). 

As we were walking around Savannah, both Shannyn and I discussed how things move at a much slower pace in the south.

Shannyn doing the Savannah Slow walk

Shannyn doing the Savannah Slow walk

That night, we went to ignite and hung out. Got food with quite a few awesome people! I was able to meet Ruthie and Diana and get to know them! I even got a preview of Diana’s HTML/CSS presentation at dinner!
We went back to the hotel after dinner so that we could be able to function on our 6am run before Kat and Katy’s Piyo/Insanity class! Just a quick plug — if you havent had a chance to do Insanity or Piyo, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! I sweated as much during the class as I did during my 89% humidity 6am Savannah run! It is an excellent High Intensity Interval Training program and I definitely recommend it! This was my first time ever trying it and it whooped my ass! 
That afternoon, we met Brandon and Erin for Savannah Slow Ride Tour and apparently it was a pub crawl! I, of course, being my awesome self and poor color choice picker, picked green shorts to wear. In Savannah heat and humidity, while pedaling a big bike contraption… made for interesting and splotchy shorts at all of the stops.
Savannah Slow Ride
Keep in mind, I don’t glisten… I sweat. Like drip with it when running. Yea, hope you got a good mental image there. 
We all had a great time on the tour and pub crawl while biking. After this, we went back to the hotel and conference for Erica’s panel and then went on a ghost tour!
After all of this and the amazing people I was finally able to meet in person, I have to say, I feel like fitbloggin was a success. It wasnt like my normal busy conferences (*ahem* drupalcon — recap coming over on the other blog… i am so behind! I blame grad school!) I got to spend time with Kat and meet a ton of amazing blends (blogger/friends)! 



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