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Today, be sure to stop and think about all that this country has been through. We celebrate the fourth of July because it was the day we adopted the Declaration of Independence and declared our independence from Great Britain. My…

man so many things have occurred in both a good and a bad way in the past few weeks. Recently, I have come to the realization that my dreams of being an awesome and amazing solve-anything-programmer chica is in jeopardy.…

for those in the DC area, the Rock n Roll full marathon and half marathon are in town this weekend! This means road closures! I got an email about it and thought it might be some good info for anyone driving around town this weekend. if i come into the city at all, it will be to bike. Also, if any of my buddies (real life, twitter, or athletic group peoples) are participating, lemme know and i will try and get out to the race route with some ridiculous sign to cheer you on!

but anyway here it is:

The 2013 Rock N Roll USA Marathon and Half Marathon are scheduled for Saturday, March 16, 2013.  The event will impact vehicular traffic in the downtown area with road closure beginning at 12:01 AM.  The marathons are scheduled to begin at approximately 7:25 AM.   All streets affected by this event are expected to be reopened at approximately 2:00 PM, depending on prevailing conditions.

The marathons will form at Constitution Avenue, NW, just east of 14th Street, NW. The route of the marathon is as follows:

•         Start on Constitution Avenue, NW just east on 14th Street, NW

•         Right on Virginia Avenue, NW

•         Right on 18th Street, NW

•         Left on E Street, NW

•         Left on Virginia Avenue, NW

•         Right on 19th Street, NW

•         Right on Constitution Avenue, NW

•         Left on 23rd Street, NW

•         Enter Memorial Circle

•         Exit Memorial Circle

•         Arlington Memorial Bridge

•         Left on Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway

•         Merge left on Shoreham Drive, NW

•         Right on Harvard Street, NW

•         Right on 5th Street, NW

•         Merge onto 4th Street, NE

•         Left of Bryant Street, NW

•         Right on North Capitol Street, NW

•         Left on K Street, NE

•         Right on 4th Street, NE

•         Left on H Street, NE

•         Right on 13th Street, NE

•         Left on Constitution Avenue, NE


Full Marathon/Half Marathon Split


Half Marathon Turns ONLY


•         Left on North Capitol Avenue, NE

•         Merge onto C Street, NE

•         Merge right onto 22nd Street, NE

•         Right on East Capitol Street, NE





•             Right on 14th Street, NE

•             Right on North Carolina Avenue, NE

•             Left on 13th Street, SE

•             Right on East Capitol Street, SE

•             Right on 11th Street, NE

•             Left on East Capitol Street, NE

•             Right on 2nd Street, NE

•             Left on Constitution Avenue, NE

•             Merge right on Constitution Avenue, NW

•             Merge left on Constitution Avenue, NW

•             Left on 9th Street, NW

•             Right on L’Enfant Plaza

•             U-Turn on L’Enfant Plaza (in front of USPS)

•             Right on 9th Street, SW

•             Left on Maine Avenue, SW

•             Right on 6th Street, SW

•             Left on Water Street, SW

•             Merge onto the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail

•             Merge onto P Street, SW

•             Right on 2nd Street, SW

•             Left on V Street, SW

•             Left on First Street, SW

•             Right on Potomac Avenue, SW

•             Left on South Capitol Street, SW

•             U-Turn on South Capitol Street, SW

•             Cross the Frederick Douglas Bridge

•             Left onto South Capitol Street, SE

•             Left on Douglass Bridge access road

•             Right on Anacostia Drive, SE

•             Full loop around Anacostia Park skating Pavilion on Anacostia Drive, SE

•             Left on Nicholson Street, SE

•             Left on Fairlawn Avenue, SE

•             Right on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

•             Left on L’Enfant Square, SE

•             Left on Minnesota Avenue, SE

•             Right on East Capitol Street, SE on ramp

•             Right on East Capitol Street, SE

•             Merge left onto C Street, SE

•             Merge left onto 22nd Street, NE





yknow, I have lived all over. I started my journey in Georgetown Univ Hospital as a wee babe and hit up the suburbs after a few years with the folks and then to college in W Lafayette IN at Purdue…