Weekly Om: Brain only half-fried

Welcome back. Took a week off from Weekly Oms. Almost took this week off from blogging, because of a grad school paper, but I knew y’all would miss me too much.

I have a 20 page paper due on 4/25 which I then have to give a 12 min presentation on. Luckily this all being online, I get to give the presentation with powerpoint slides from the comforts of my own home. Glorious, I know. Needless to say, I have spent the majority of this week reading chapters for my quiz, reading case studies for my paper or writing my paper. I am 5 pages away from the minimum (17 pages) and for an English major you’d think those 5 pages would be a cake walk… well, here’s hopin. I think I can get another 2 or so from what I am currently writing on and then a page or two for results and overall comparison and then a page or two for conclusions and this paper is DONE! WOOT! hoping to finish soon. Then it’s pop review, then peer review!

For the past 10 days, my husband and I have been kicking it at my folks’ place. Not because something is going on with our condo or anything but because they have been helping me out. They have a yard so I don’ have to let the dog out. They have been driving me to work and picking me up from metro when I am done with work. They have been godsends…. all so i could stay off of my foot, rest it a bit and get this darned boot off. And while I am still wearing the boot, I am hoping that I will be able to have it off very soon.

This week, I did make it to the pool to swim and pool run (combo) a 5k in the water for Abby’s Kick Ass 5k to help her fundraising! It was pretty fun! my husband went w me to the local rec center, yknow, made a night of it!

after my kick ass 5k!
after my kick ass 5k!


not super intense other than school stuff. work is movin along. friends are around. i still think the majority of people on this planet suck…. mostly due to public transport. i actually think instead of unsucking the metro we need to unsuck the people that ride the metro — i say this because i have picked up numerous pieces of trash in the stations (THEY HAVE BINS ALL OVER!) and people have actually not met my eye because of my boot and them wanting to keep their seat… its… its precious. it makes me realize that in some ways i was bein a jerk and in other ways im being an upstanding citizen.


since i have been in this boot, i have registered for another marathon, yes. you heard me right folks. i registered for a second marathon before running my first! i am now registered to run the WDW marathon (which, yes is 26.2 miles but is also a glorious celebration of awesome) and i have decided that after those two, i will take a few months off and relax and just enjoy running and biking and swimming, save up some money for several reasons (1. house, 2. Incan Trail Marathon to Machu Picchu 3. walking tour of ireland with the fam) and then start up again. plus, i kinda wanna work on my speed and nutrition. I have been toying with the idea of paleo. i may try whole 30 first… still mulling it over in my brain ball. ill let yall know when i sort it out.

anyway, im checkin out for now, but ill update you more when i have something to say. oh! and if anyone is headed to dc for the cherry blossoms this weekend, gimme a shout, im hitting up the parade and then the street fair after! but until then, i give you weekly om: brain half fried edition

1) i am thankful for caffeine.

2) i am thankful for my pug aldy even when he runs away from me playing the you cant catch me game

3) i am eternally grateful for my mom and dad (and husband) without them these past two weeks would have been hellacious and i would not be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel… plus my pop and i have had some very awesome conversations as of late and i dont think they would have happened had i not been crashing with them for the past 10 days…

4) i am grateful for allergies – which sounds stupid, but basically it means it is officially spring time here in dc! my allergies ramping up more than in the winter let me know its time to put away the sweaters and bust out the shorts!

5) i am happy im alive and well despite being slightly off kilter. shit will get right and look up.


and with that, im out.


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  1. Milagros Riggs says

    Kirlew and the rest of the field enjoyed last week’s race when the weather was just sunny and delightful, a tremendous morning for a half marathon. Everybody enjoyed the weather as athletes came from all over the met area, and some from all over the United States.

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