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in case you don’t know yet, this is me:      

me, in my awesome INB

I like to run and I occasionally have beers. I had just driven into our Ragnar trails campsite and was handed a beer. Good times. Anyway, as I rapidly approach this weekend and my first 20 miler in this cycle of marathon training, I thought it would be good to do a post on all of my awesome running buddies. 

These are my running friends and I am thankful for EVERY last one of them:

From left to right: Leanne, me, Jenn, Gail, Leah, Tony, Shana

This was my awesome ragnar trails team. These 6 people have been with me on two separate Ragnars and hopefully for many more as they are a ton of fun, awesome at support and amazing humans in general.

As was our WHOLE Ragnar DC team:

Starting on bottom left: Leanne, Shana, Sheena, Gail, Jenn, Allison Upper left: me, Kyle, Andrew, Ben, Tony

Anyway, you will see some duplicates as we go on here. 


Hey everyone, I know you’ve seen Gail, but I want yall to meet her! This was right before the Reston 10 Miler, this year. She has been on numerous long runs with me, been caught in rain storms with me and generally entertained me. We have known each other for a very very long time, always being some kind of active together and while we don’t always agree, we are always there for each other.


this is Leah. She has been an incredible support during this marathon training cycle. Getting up early on saturdays, surviving the heat and humidity, listening to me whine. heh I have mentioned her before, but yknow, I am lucky to have her around and willing to run with me.

Somehow managed to convince  to show up at 5:30am and run the first 4 of my long run today. Wooooooooo!!!

This is Sheena. Sheena is a mother f-ing trooper. She gets up at 5am on weekdays to RUN. WITH ME. when I make her 🙂 — She has been great. On my last long run (18 miles), she ran the first 5 with me and then rode really slowly next to me for the next 13. AWESOME!

Had buddy and remy w me for 10 of my 16 miles. Grateful for company.

This is Rachel (and Remy). Rachel isn’t so much a runner, but she is a becca supporter. She and her four legged pal have voluntarily accompanied me on a long run and plan to do it again this training cycle! Totally jazzed to have people willing to get up and meet me in the nasty hot heat for some miles on a SATURDAY morning!

Anyway, this is a mere glimpse of the running buddies I have here. One of them moved away to California for making her get up and run with me at 5am 🙂 Just kidding. Michelle moved across country to get away from the humidity 🙂

Anyway, I am thankful. What are you thankful for?



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  1. Leanne says

    Love ya, lady! YOU are the badass…and your kinda fun to run with, too! 😉

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