My Disjointed World

I guess I should give some little tidbits of information about myself…. I am very outspoken and have absolutely no qualms with telling you what I think right when I am thinking it (this is a blessing and a curse – think talks with coworkers). I am a rough and tumble kinda girl, playing soccer (for 25+ years), attempting marathons and just being a general badass. This is a hard life (first world problems), but someone has to do it and that someone is me 🙂

I am not afraid to make fun of and laugh at myself and I am absolutely in love with all things pugs, nerd stuff, space/NASA stuff and anything having to do with running or technology. I EVEN LIKE RUNNING HILLS! Some things to remember as you enter my domain:

I have no shame..

If you can’t laugh at your own expense (or my expense) than you should prolly leave.

I ramble about the most inane of topics, often wondering about what many others will consider the most random things ever, that I think of as common place.

Nothing of any importance will actually be noted on this site, and many things on complete unimportance and ridiculousness will be. Music will be judged, grammar will suck, and your outlook on life will not change.

That being said, this is my blog. Of destiny.

(aside: the views expressed in this blog do NOT reflect views of my present employers. this blog shares my opinions and mine only.)

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