The Thinks I Think, Thursday Edition 2

I have thinks. I think them. 

Thanksgiving is one week away. It is normally joyous occasion. Some people look forward to and live for Christmas… my family? We lived for Thanksgiving. My dad’s sister and her family (uncle and two cousins) come down.

Family is amazing, and I love my family 🙂

My dad makes the pies and turnovers Wednesday night when family rolls in and Uncle Carl goes right for the turnover. Dad saves Ben a turnover and he and I split one. Then early Thursday morning, I go for a run, come back and start working on toasting and breaking up the bread for the stuffing as my dad buzzes around the kitchen prepping the turkey and the rest of the stuffing. 

My mom takes the dogs for a walk. My uncle reads the papers he brought with him from Philly (cause he is always behind). Jerid sleeps in. Ben heads over at some point during the day as do my cousins. My cousins, Jerid, mom and I get ready to go see a movie while the turkey is in the oven. My uncle settles in for football (and nap time). My brother will read or do work. My dad plays Go on the computer. When the movie is over and we all come back, we annoy each other until dinner is put on the table. 

After dinner and pie, the adults (my parents and my aunt and uncle) settle in for the super bowl of scrabble games. There is yelling and debating about using a timer for turns and all sorts of elbow throwing. And then we all relax for the night. 

Friday is the epic day of Black-ness with Black Friday shopping (yes. we ARE that crazy or were and would head to the mall on the most crowded day of the year).

Friday night was more scrabble or general hang out time and then Saturday was various. 

Sometimes the cousins and I would hit the bars, it really depended. 

This year… THIS YEAR…. is different. This year is the first year without my dad and while I love my family and they are still coming, this year will be harder and different. I dread this year’s holiday because Ben and I will be making the apple pies and the turkey and stuffing. Our family will be there and we will help each other through this whole holiday. It will be ok. I know it will be ok. This is the new normal, but dont they always say the first is the hardest?

Ben and I are making pies on Wednesday as family rolls in (although, I will make one at my mom’s house and my brother will make one at his house and bring it over… and YES I will make turnovers, cause that’s what you do); Thursday morning, I will get up, do my run (maybe I can talk Leah or Sheena into doing it with me) and then I will come home and start on the stuffing. Ben should be coming over at some point in the morning to start prepping the turkey with me; and then my buddy, Rachel is coming over with her baby (who is like… the cutest baby in the world) in the morning to distract people and things. We might see a movie or we might not. There may or may not be a super bowl scrabble game (only time will tell). 

Basically we have the first few parts planned and we will all prolly try and keep it as normal and as close to previous years as possible (although maybe minus friday shopping… hard to say). I will try not to be all depressing and sad like which is why I am writing this today — so I can get out all of the sad talk. 

I have NO words of wisdom about how to handle the first holiday without a loved one, all I have is thoughts and some fear and nervousness.

But I DO have words of wisdom for you on family. Your family (blood relatives and close friends alike) will save you if you ask them, they will help you if you lean on them. And they will love you if you let them 🙂 

Good friends are hard to find. Keep them close and let them help you when you need it.


I am terrified about a holiday without my dad, but I am excited about a holiday with a bunch of people who get me and who get what I am going through, because they are all going through it too. And none of us have to be alone. 


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  1. Karen Katz says

    Well Becca, we got through this new first in our “new normal” didn’t we? We stuffed the turkey, and put it in the oven; we made the pies; we went to the movies (you, Tracey and Sara to one, Carl, your mom and I to another); we all came together for a meal of Thanksgiving for all who were still able to join us around the table and remembering the one very special person who was missing. I like to think Joel is smiling down on us from wherever he is. He’s doing this because we all came together to keep the tradition alive. I like to think he’s proud of us for being there for one another, for supporting each other in this new normal none of us ever really envisioned (at least not so soon). This is just one in a long line of firsts we will all have to endure. The only comfort we can take away from this is the fact we will all be present for each other to help us all to get through these firsts that are to come in our “new normal” without Joel: father, father-in-law, husband, brother, brother-in-law, uncle. I do know, for sure, if there is a place from where he is looking down on us, he is approving of the way we are all helping each other to work through our new normal together.

    1. onelittlebecca says

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, Aunt Karen. Things went pretty well, all things considered. Life is hard, but with good family, we manage to get through together 🙂

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