Gifts Ideas for your Running Buddy

So you have a runner in your life and with the gift giving holiday season rapidly approaching, you could be wondering what to get your running friend/spouse/family member/acquaintance for the holidays (Christmas, Kwanza, Chanukah, Boxing Day, etc..). Here are a few of my suggestions, not even gonna lie to you, while I have some of these products, others of them are on my wishlist as well.

1) Nathan Intensity Race Vest – This hydration pack looks like it could be a great addition to the training bin (yes, I have an actual bin where I keep stuff). I say this because while I do have a camelbak that I love dearly and one that I don’t use that much, I know that it can be difficult to reach all of the things I need during a run… like gels or chomps. There aren’t any front pockets on my camelbak (that has seen me through several long training runs and several long races), so that makes things harder to access. I actually often need to stop for a few minutes which actually loses me those valuable seconds or minutes that could make the difference between a PR and just another race completed.

2) The Stick 19 inch Sprinter Stick – I have one of these modern day torture devices and I use it RELIGIOUSLY. When I couldn’t use my foam roller at Ragnar, the stick SAVED ME! I hate it every time I use it, but I thank god that I have it and did use it after I do. I can actually FEEL the difference after using it vs when I don’t use it.

3) Trigger Point Performance The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller, Black (you don’t have to get the black one, but it appears to be the cheapest by at least $5, if not more) – After talking about the stick (above), I have to add this to the list. This, too, has been an irreplaceable tool from the running bin in my house. It actually is no longer in the bin, it is permanently stationed next to the couch so that I can get my foam roll on while watching tv or just relaxing. This thing has drastically improved the condition of my legs and shins since I began marathon training. 

4) Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones – Purple – You don’t have to get purple, but I want the purple ones! I do not have these headphones. They are damn expensive. And you gotta be asking yourself… seriously? Why do you need/want expensive ass headphones to run with? So fun fact, I don’t always run with headphones, but recently I have had to run on a treadmill and the whir of the treadmill being so loud, I have come to find that noise canceling headphones are definitely on my list of wants for the coming year. Treadmill running sucks, but I am learning to come to terms with it. And I am also learning that there are times when you just want to be able to zone out effectively. What better to do this with than noise-canceling sport headphones?!

5) Audible Membership – I have recently discovered the amazing awesomeness of audio books on long runs. Audiobooks are an amazing way to pass the time on long runs when your friends tell you it is too cold or you are going too far, etc. 🙂

These are only a few that are on my list. I know most people are stocking up on Cold Gear (UnderArmour has some amazing stuff) as the temps decline through December and into January! So I would add that to the list too! Anything sweatwicking and will improve warmth in the frigid cold. 

Good luck and enjoy the holidays! I am cranking up training for my first marathon in January! I will keep you appraised 🙂

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