INKnBURN and Pregnancy

So a while back (June), I posted on facebook about how my husband and I are expecting a wee-one. And obviously my husband isn’t the one with child 🙂 

With that being said, I have long since outgrown my normal clothes and the bella/belly bands will only get you so far because they aren’t really that comfortable in my opinion, so it was with a heavy heart that I accepted these facts and began to explore other options for bottoms as I move further into my pregnancy. One of my all time favorite pairs of pants to wear with my ever expanding mid-section has been my INB denim pants because they really grow with me and look like real jeans so I can wear them to work!!! 😀


See? Like REAL jeans! AH-MAZING!

this is me about a month or so ago with a mini belly, most people can’t even tell im pregnant yet which i found weird because I CAN TELL!

But seriously, I am 4 days shy of the start of my 6th month of  pregnancy at this point, and I am still wearing these pants! I wear them so much that (no shame, here), I bought a SECOND pair! Yea… I am crazy, but it had to happen, because I wear them all of the time. And what reminded me on how much I wear them was a discussion in a facebook group about the fit of INB pants and tights. and I was like hold on I am wearing them today! 


yes, that is a baby bump picture. killing two birds with one stone over here… 🙂 but I enjoy the option of high waist or not, as well as the fact that these pants have literally grown with me. 


see? pregnant. and the pants STRETCH! Whoever invented stretchy pants has literally made my life like 89% better and that goes for both during and not during pregnancy. And hey, no lie… they make my pregnant ass look pretty damn good. 

as close as we will get to a gratuitous ass shot over here....
as close as we will get to a gratuitous ass shot over here….

So with all of that being said, there are some other pants I wear and have been wearing during pregnancy that aren’t pregnancy pants, but my INB denim pants are by far my favorites! And yes, these are my normal size!!! So as I probably mentioned earlier, INB grows WITH you! Eeeee!!!! 

Clearly what I need to do now is continue testing this growing w me theory and go eat some ice cream 🙂

Do you own any INKNBURN? If so, what is your fave piece? If not, did you see the new Halloween line??? What’re you waiting for? 


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