I am an INKnBURN Ambassador!


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I wanted to wait until we finalized stuffs before I made the announcement, I found out a few weeks back that I am going to represent an amazing brand! I was selected on January 30 to represent InkNBurn and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Now, as y’all know, I am not fast and I am not a lot of other things, but I am passionate about my running and I was fortunate enough to be selected to represent an amazing and unique brand with great quality gear.

Now, I will be gettin y’all a discount code and I will be doin a few reviews; but I gotta tell you, I have been running in their gear for about a year based on blog posts and gear recommendations from Linzie who is an ambassador for the brand and has become a trusted advisor. And I gotta tell ya, he didn’t steer me wrong. So when the opportunity arose in December to apply for INKnBURN ambassadorship, I took a week to prep my application and submitted it! 

In the waiting period, I went and ran my first marathon and bought all of the things at the expo (including 2 inknburn tops and 2 inknburn bottoms). I did this because the gear is stylish and comfortable. This statement should say it all: I ran a 16 mile training run in their Minnie skirt and had no chaffing. Period. No further statement needed. hehe But of course there will be. Point being, I love their gear, I am happy to be able to represent them as an ambassador and I cannot wait to go more in-depth about their gear!

YAY! Year, MADE!!!!


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    1. onelittlebecca says

      me too! they’re so darn awesome!!!

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