Bone Spurs and Fluid Sacs

Wow, the title says it all!

I have been having a hard time updating the blog without knowing what is going on with my foot. But I finally found out!

So my big toes hate me (and I wasn’t far off when I said “my feet are plotting to overthrow me“). My freshman year of high school, I had to have surgery on both of my feet. My left ankle had a bone chip irritating the shit outta it so it had to be removed and my big toe on my right foot needed to be flushed and have all of the extra cartilage and bone spurs removed from when a larger young soccer player brought her cleat down on my foot and broke my big toe (unbeknownst to me as I continued to play soccer on it and it ended up growing back thin and w extra stuffs around it). So I had surgery on both of my feet at the same time, was on crutches for a week and ended up playing ball about half way through the season. 

Yesterday, I went into the same MD’s office, and waited. The tech presented me with a copy of the MRI report, which was all greek to me, and caused me to immediately begin googling stuff. As you all know, this is probably one of the worst things one could do.

MRI Results copy write protected yall
MRI Results

So after being presented with this report, I waited for my doc to come in. most torturous 5 minutes of my life as I googled away quickly. finally, i just put down my phone and waited with the thought of Must. Stop. The. Madness.

Doc came in, he looked at the MRI photos, and then looked at the MRI report and then was like dude. you jacked up your foot and it’s been a long time coming after 25 years of soccer. hehe ok so maybe he didn’t use those words but that was essentially what it all meant. He asked if I wanted surgery and then said “say no”; my response was actually more along the lines of “Not if I can avoid it”, but I want to be running by July. He said I have a fluid sac and some bone spurs that are irritating the shit outta my joint and I have arthritis in my joint and that at 29, that isn’t normal. So he outlined the treatment plan which will go as follows:

steroid pack and anti-inflammatories for a week (if this works, we are done and I continue with orthotics).

if this fails, a cortisone shot in my foot and then surgery to follow where my joints in my foot will get flushed (kind of like my freshman year in high school surgery).

worst case scenario, I am running by the end of July and hopefully that will be enough time to still train for the Marine Corps Marathon. My running coach thinks we can handle it and knock out my first ever marathon in a 12 week training plan! While I would prefer to do it in 16 weeks, and of course I will be listening to my body the entire time and trying not to push myself too much too quickly, I am hopeful that the Marine Corps Marathon will be in my future.

We had our first Ragnar DC team meeting also, of which I am captaining, but that is a very different story.

More later. Just thought I would let you all know the mostly good news! 

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