Fitbloggin 2014

Two years ago, in 2012, I discovered that there was a blogging conference called fitbloggin. I discovered it as it was going on and totally missed out. In 2013, fitbloggin was held in Portland and I just couldn’t swing the airfare. When fitbloggin 2014 was announced to be held in Savannah, I booked my conference pass as soon as I could and reserved a room! 

The week leading up to fitbloggin, I was pretty excited. Definitely ready to head out to Savannah, especially as the pics started in the facebook group prior to Thursday, but for some reason, I could not motivate myself to pack. So I did what EVERYONE does… and waited until last minute 🙂 (No lie, most of this recap is going to be in pictures, because EVERYONE LOVES PICTURES!)

By the time I finally did get packed up, my roommate was already en route and my pug knew something was up… 

Aldy by my Luggage

There was a terrible disaster when I got to the airport… apparently, even though I booked my flight in February, they oversold the flight (as they are legally allowed to do) and when you are the last to check in, you get screwed… which I was and thought I would get screwed. I spoke with the gate peeps and with a manager and after calling for volunteers, was finally able to get seated on a flight. And when I got to Savannah I set an alarm to check in at 9am Saturday morning for my return flight. 

Kat picked me up from the airport and we rolled back to the hotel and I got checked in!

View of Savannah from our room
Our view from the room

While I was getting situated, Kat was hard at work: 

work hard, play hard
work hard, play hard

After stopping and dumping stuff in the hotel, we went down to the reception and then headed out for FOOD! I landed around 5:30 and got to the hotel at 6. I was BEGGING Kat for food throughout the reception — hehehe. 

Sushi Date with Kat
Kat on our sushi date!

Linzie crashed our dinner date, via facetime and we had a nice chat and showed him ALL OF THE SUSHI!

After that we strolled around Savannah and headed back to the hotel to rest up. 

Kat and I went down to the hotel gym to get in a workout in our inknburn and we saw Erica at the gym

Kat and Me in INB
Kat and me in INKnBURN

We met up with Shannyn at breakfast the next morning and decided to shower up, hit a session and then explore savannah!

Kat, Erica, Shannyn and I did a mead tasting at the Savannah Bee Shop
Kat, Erica, Shannyn and I did a mead tasting at the Savannah Bee Shop

and then we met up with Brandon 

 How We Fitblog :-)

and we all had a beer and a shot. We walked around Savannah with our beers (open container laws of GA – three words, beer. to. go.). 

As we were walking around Savannah, both Shannyn and I discussed how things move at a much slower pace in the south.

Shannyn doing the Savannah Slow walk
Shannyn doing the Savannah Slow walk
That night, we went to ignite and hung out. Got food with quite a few awesome people! I was able to meet Ruthie and Diana and get to know them! I even got a preview of Diana’s HTML/CSS presentation at dinner!
We went back to the hotel after dinner so that we could be able to function on our 6am run before Kat and Katy’s Piyo/Insanity class! Just a quick plug — if you havent had a chance to do Insanity or Piyo, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! I sweated as much during the class as I did during my 89% humidity 6am Savannah run! It is an excellent High Intensity Interval Training program and I definitely recommend it! This was my first time ever trying it and it whooped my ass! 
That afternoon, we met Brandon and Erin for Savannah Slow Ride Tour and apparently it was a pub crawl! I, of course, being my awesome self and poor color choice picker, picked green shorts to wear. In Savannah heat and humidity, while pedaling a big bike contraption… made for interesting and splotchy shorts at all of the stops.
Savannah Slow Ride
Keep in mind, I don’t glisten… I sweat. Like drip with it when running. Yea, hope you got a good mental image there. 
We all had a great time on the tour and pub crawl while biking. After this, we went back to the hotel and conference for Erica’s panel and then went on a ghost tour!
After all of this and the amazing people I was finally able to meet in person, I have to say, I feel like fitbloggin was a success. It wasnt like my normal busy conferences (*ahem* drupalcon — recap coming over on the other blog… i am so behind! I blame grad school!) I got to spend time with Kat and meet a ton of amazing blends (blogger/friends)! 



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  1. Kat says

    We had ALL of the fun roomie friend!

    1. onelittlebecca says

      Hahaha yea we did!!!

  2. Erin says

    I had so much fun hanging out with you!! I’m really looking forward to next year!

    1. onelittlebecca says

      I had a great time meeting you also!

  3. Coco says

    Fitbloggin’ is a different kind of conference! I actually roomed with Kat last year in Portland. 😉 I just couldn’t swing it this year with one of those less-fun conferences for work earlier in the week in California. Maybe I will see you next year in Denver.

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