Weekly Om or Something Like It

I am gonna knock this out real quick, not because I don’t care, but because I am tired. Friday is winding down and the work day is coming to an end and I think that it is important to get the gratefulness out and into the world. TAKE THAT KARMA!

1) i am thankful for this furry bundle of awesome:

Driving Mr. Aldy, COPYRIGHT OneLittleBecca

He listens REALLY well, and he drives a Cadillac. 🙂

2) I am so freakin grateful for my pillow! It is there for me when I need it; fluffy and sweet with its “arms” and softness enveloping me the moment my head touches it… UGH! STOKED to see my pillow tonight!

3) My alarm clock! Yea, I AM grateful for my alarm clock. It is the only way I am up to see 5am, the sunrise and get my workout in before work.

4) even though I hate my orthotics, I am happy that I have both feet still! (even if one secretly hates me and together they are plotting to overthrow me and then the world..)

5) I am grateful for life! It is a present — every day is a freakin present!


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