Rocketman Tri Recap, Follow-Up, Random Thoughts

So let’s kick this off with the update I posted while I was in Florida at the Rocketman Triathlon:


I am a Fitmark Bags Ambassador! I am pretty excited about it! I get to write some blog posts and hang out over on their interwebs space for a bit each month, so look for me over there!

A few other housekeeping things… People have been stealing content from blogger buddies of mine, so you will notice that you can no longer select text from my blog. I will try to be conscious of this and include links when necessary so you can access all info that I post and refer to; this is to protect me and my words – and if you are thinking I am a paranoid individual, then you would be correct sir! I am extremely paranoid and I dont want either of you (my whole 2 readers – i keed i keed, i have like 7) to steal my contents. 😛

Final housekeeping item: I totally understand the desire for exposure and for wanting to get your blog out there and make it so that you can quit your day job and just blog and travel (it’s a far off distant dream, not based anywhere in reality for me) BUT if you join a fitness group on facebook and someone has a question and you answer and then add a link to your blog but not any specific post…. please just dont. STOP WITH THE SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION! You wanna make a comment on my blog and it auto fills the last post or you have a related post, bad ass! Let’s rock it! but you wanna just come over, post a comment and say go check out my blog and post a general link… please avoid this. It isn’t family friendly and it makes OneLittleBecca’s angry.

And with that I segue to the Rocketman Triathlon spectating I did with my buddy SpaceLauren and my NEW buddy Flux! I went down to Florida with Aaron and Sheena to meet up with some old coworkers turned friends from NASA (side note, there was an on-going joke that when I was working at NASA, I would intro Lauren as a coworker instead of a friend… since that no longer applies, it was key to not that Lauren was a FRIEND and not a COWORKER and so i hung out with NOT COWORKERS this weekend if that makes sense hehehe). Me and 8 of my soon-to-be closest friends (Lauren, Drapes, Flux, James, Sheena, Cass, Aaron, Andrew) rented a house on Merritt Island just a few miles from KSC and the Cape. As a NASA nerd, this being my first trip to Kennedy, I was giddy and anxious during the majority of the ridiculously long drive (yes, we drove) down to Florida. I am surprised that I didn’t get kicked out of the car on the way down on Friday, hahaha.

On our first night, Aaron, Sheena and I went to FishLips almost immediately after arriving at the house and met up with the housemates and a bunch of other space tweeps who were either local, in town for the tri or other. It was a great meal and I finally met Flux in person (very awesome) who I had been tweeting at for months, as well as learning that Curtan was now called Drapes and actually could hear conversations being discussed around him while watching the celtics on tv…. and it only took a triathlon 840 miles away for Lauren and I to be reunited! hahaha she works like 7 blocks from me and we live in the same city. Anyway, long story short, it was a great time.

When we got home, we discussed who would be sleeping where and I figured as one of the 3 single females, I would be manning up to share a sleeping space with someone. I ended up sharing a king size bed with Lauren it was like two twins with mattress space in the middle. After sleep, we got up, made a grocery run and then headed to the KSC Rocketman Tri expo!


After the expo, we set out to head to Kennedy Space center’s Visitors complex… although no one told me it was separate from KSC hahaha, let’s jut say we got a brief glimpse at KSC and the restricted areas before being turned around and redirected to KSC Vistor Center. At the Visitor Center we wandered around and took pics of the rocket garden and got a group shot in front of the NASA ball (although, the woman who took it, while we were happy she took it, she didn’t know how to focus my camera – which was set to auto focus and yet and yet, she still failed… but thas ok bc at least we got a mostly group shot, minus cass)


Then we went home and did shots of milk (2% to be exact) — so this became a thing for the weekend. It is kind of silly actually… it started because I was eating something with choco chips in it and i needed milk but didnt want a whole lot of milk. i really just wanted two mouthfuls so i grabbed what looked like a double shot glass out of the cupboard and then people noticed, started asking if I was doing shots of milk and then decided that it was shots of milk all around!!! hahaha it was pretty awesome.

Everyone trickled to bed and then got up at the ass crack of dawn (a ripe 4am) to get ready for the tri. Lauren, Flux and I left after the competitors as we were spectating. We got to the general area near transition and the end and set up our tent. We got the tent opened up and set up and discovered it was busted (prolly sometime during DeepSpace9’s Softball season last summer). ultimately it looked like some version of this:



The three of us watched as all of the members of our group came out of the water and then shifted to their bike and then eventually to the run. Lauren, Flux and I had a great time cheering on our friends and watching them complete various lengths of the triathlon (we had a few people doing the sprint, a few doing the international or olympic distance and 1 doing the half ironman). Overall a great day of laughs, sunscreen and screaming! Couldn’t have asked for better cheering buddies. When we got home, we celebrated cinco de mayo and hung out by the pool. People came over and chatted it up and then we spent our final night in the house (well for some of us it was our final night) laughing, taking shots of milk and joking around!

Florida was great! The tri was great!

Updates on the boot and other things (trip to NC) in another post to come!


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