Brief update

Here’s a brief update from my world: I love my new job! It is freakin amazing! Kirk am excited to see what the second week brings!

I am moving forward in physical therapy and I have been given clearance to run my first 13.1, next weekend at Disney world! Soooooo excited! My very first half! With that being said I have also came to a decision.

Yea, so basically here’s the decision: since I got married, I gained about 15 pounds so its time to start moving towards losing that. Here’s what I have done (and why I bring it up): I have planned out our meals for the week using Peace, Love and Low Carb recipes. I have preordered her recipe book and have taken a new outlook and approach to my fooding. I’m excited to move forward! If I lose even a few pounds, my running will get better and I will be more awesome! I just wanna be healthy!

My husband has agreed to my guinea pig and tonight we tried sloppy joe stuffed peppers —- they were SO freakin good!didnt take long to make either!

Also, my pug still thinks my lap is his play area. And that’s all I got for now! I’ll be back w a princess half update! Have a software engineering paper to start working on!wewere given a week to come up with a title, topic and so on for the 20 page paper we have due at the nd of the semester! Gotta get cracking!

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