Walt Disney World Inaugural Minnie 10k

For some reason I have been hemming and hawing over writing this recap, which is weird, because I had one of the best damn times running this race! I was fortunate enough to meet up with Kat and Linzie before the start of the race (in the corrals)! They had with them a few friends, who for me, became new friends! Jill was with them and she is totally awesome! She is an inknburn ambassador like Linzie; she also is 19 weeks pregnant and was taking on the Dopey challenge (I imagine now, she is 21-22 weeks along). We were doing 2-1 or 3-1 run-walk intervals for this race, to help save our legs for the rest of marathon weekend! 

I am not even going to lie to you, the course for this race was very awesome! Start in Epcot parking lot, a little road (but not much), a trip around the world, then out to the boardwalk and back into Epcot, through future world and to the finish. We rocked it in about 1:23, just taking in all of the sites and hanging out. One of the highlights for me as I continue to run more races is that I am learning, lots of things! I don’t normally get the joys of running races with friends (first time since Princess was with Leah at the Run with Santa 5k and now here), especially since Michelle moved to Cali, but this time was fabulous. We laughed, we had group therapy time and we just generally hung out. The group therapy part of this race happened when we were running through the back of epcot, and no lie, what happens at WDW, stays at WDW, right? 

Anyway, the run-walk method was the best thing we could have done to save legs! Linzie definitely made a convert out of me for future race challenges! Also, it was great to get to know they people in the flesh! I also had the opportunity to meet up and chat with Dani and Krissy at the finish line! That was awesome too!

I guess everything was great (I sound like a broken record) and I love Disney World! 

Linzie, me and Kat — stolen from Linzie!

PS: I have new friends, HI MOM, and I am 5 inside! 😀

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