Plans for 2014!


Things I plan on doing in 2014:

  1. Becoming a Marathoner!
  2. Making a run for Half Fanatics (Spring 2014)
  3. Hitting a 2:20 half marathon
  4. Getting a PR for my 10 miler time 
  5. Breaking 30 min for my 5k
  6. Becoming a certified running coach
  7. Wrapping up my Masters if possible (worst case scenario: Spring of 2015)

Gear I plan on checking out in 2014 (all I know of for now):

  1. Bia Sport Watch (hoping to retire the 310xt)
  2. Garmin 620 (yes, I AM checking out two different GPS watches!)
  3. Mizuno Paradoxes (the new support shoe, out jan 5)

Races planned for 2014 so far:

  1. WDW 10k and Full (Jan 10 and 12)
  2. Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (April)
  3. Nike Women’s Half DC (April 27)
  4. Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon (May 31)
  5. North Face Endurance Trail Half Marathon (June 8)
  6. Ragnar Trails Relay (June 13-14)
  7. I have the PR Running Race Pass too, so that is 4 other smaller local races I plan on completing!

I plan on going to fitbloggin if I can this year. I will more than likely end up at Code4Lib and Drupalcon for work. 

What’s your game plan for 2014?

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