june 16th-ish?

sooooooo i had another doc appt today at lunch time, with the 2nd doc. he is pretty awesome, convenient to work and there are the best damned turkey burgers right down the street from him! with all of that being said, i got some hard news today. or hard for me news… i found out that i get to wear sheldon for another 4 weeks!!! isnt that awesome?!? yeeeeeeaaaaa… not so much.


i havent run in 5 weeks.

i have the boot on for another 4 weeks and it is another 1-4 weeks after that with no running…

so no running for another 5-8 weeks… bringing the grand total of weeks not running to 10-13 weeks; causing me to miss 3 races in 3 months and numerous other activities that i decline because i just cant walk as much because the boot throws off my gait… causing EVERYTHING else to hurt. knees, hip, back… yea it all hurts. stupid sheldon!

ok, commence pity party:

super sad panda (this is me)

annnnd this is my husband:

squishing meeeeeeeee

ok pity party over.

i know, it could be a lot worse. at least i still have my foot and yknow my other leg. this problem seems minor in comparison to what happened a week ago in Boston, but I have to say, for me… I am supposed to start marathon training and was hoping to get in a solid base before embarking on super awesome marathon time kick assness… i get that at least i will be able to come back from this… im out of yoga and soccer for another 3 months… but it could be WAY worse. this is a blip based on world events… and is a blip in the life of onelittlebecca… but doesnt mean it doesnt hurt… kills me. one of my fave activities that keeps me sane and keeps me from verbally lashing out at stupidity is GONE so now I just bite my tongue and smile real big and tell myself it is a PR world and i need to keep my mouth shut so that I don’t say something I regret. More often than not, by the time I get home I am a super angry panda and so I treat my family like this:

yet, they are still so nice to me, so within moments i tell myself that no one likes a sad panda/angry pantaloon

and that it is time to apologize and man up. so man up i will. doc said to join a gym and get my anger and sadness out at the gym, so join a gym i will! and i will use that sweet sweet job discount and i will kick some ass at the gym. and then i will pool run and swim a bit…

i can come out of this stronger if i want to. i sulked for the majority of this first 5 weeks, but i will sulk no more! i will turn back into a happy pantaloon

happy panda!

and get my ass in gear making me top heavy with amazingly huge muscles in my arms.

ok a few things: one, this is jack black in a body suit. two, i would never wear those bottoms but i would carry the plastic awesome ax and three, yall get the idea.

ok totally a dude… but you get the idea.. i will turn into power lady of awesome!


and i have amused myself. i already got prices for the gym (and i WILL overcome my fear of the gym) and i intend to sign me up (and the husby if he wants) and i will pool run and swim and lift upper body weights. and yea i shoulda done it before and yea i shoulda stopped being sad a while ago… but yknow, we all stroll at our own pace and apparently 5 weeks of a pity party (in between hated pool visits) is what it took for me to be convinced that 1) i need to DO something instead of whine about it, 2) i need to join a gym and build core strength and 3) i need to turn back into a happy panda because there are WAY worse things in the world!

aight in it to win it on three.


hillary, in it to win it!

i mean cmon… if hillary clinton can step up and get in it to win it… then i can TOTALLY DO THIS!!!

now i just need someone to teach me how to dougie (in a boot)

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  1. Kristen @ Adult Ballerina Project says

    Being stuck in a boot is the worst! I’ve been out for issues with my legs (each time for about two months) twice this past year and it drove me insane!

    1. onelittlebecca says

      They suuuuuck! I have been in this one for 5-6 weeks w another 3 to go, but almost done!!! Thanks for commiserating!

  2. sarah nucci says

    I used to do the bear minimum at the gym – I did a marathon, a Ragnar, and a whole bunch of half’s. In the end I have an overuse issue with one ankle/foot. I hired a trainer to teach me to lift, since I didn’t know what to do. In the end I find a better exercise high from it, and I look better than I ever did just running. I’m not saying that you’ll make a complete flip like I did – but it will be a whole different challenge and I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t get bulky, just stronger.

    1. onelittlebecca says

      Thanks for the encouragement! I have a fellow sweat pinker writing me a workout plan for the next four weeks so I can stop sitting on my ass and throwing pity parties and start lifting and getting stronger!

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