hey y’all,

another wednesday means 5 more things i am grateful for this week.

1) My friend, Melinda: we have had some pretty weird discussions, ranging from the look of our poop to pooping on stoop threats and a variety of other goofy things, like big plans to become ninjas in the near future, being all sneaky sneaky and such. However, amidst all the stupid conversations, we have also discussed many a-serious thing. We have talked about family, friends, other relationships and most recently religion. Being raised Jewish (despite having a Catholic, now-Unitarian mother—Jewish father), and God only knows what I am now, and living in the DC area, I tend to have more Christian friends than I do Jewish ones…. just way it is…. anyway, Melinda took the time to look past what others would misconstrue as disrespectful questions and actually 1) saw them for what they were (pure curiosity) and 2) took time to try and explain to me her answers. As we talked, I equated what she was describing to something that I feel or do so that I could better understand it (don’t look at me like that, i was just trying to relate so i could understand… we all do it!). Long story short, I have quite a few friends and some that even fall into the pretty religious category; however, I have only been able to have one conversation about religion with one person that wasnt my mother and actually want to complete the discussion! Anyway, this week, I am grateful for Melinda.

2) My puggy. The whee baby, Aldy. He is snuggly and warm and fuzzy and goofy enough to make you smile even when you are ridiculously angry or upset or in pain. Doesn’t matter his big goofy doggy grin just melts your heart! For the past 4-5 days he has been acting pretty strange. Like not eating his food or his treats consistently and being lethargic and some other randomly weird things. Anyway, last night it was enough to get my husband and I concerned enough for me to make an appt and drive from Alexandria out to Fair Oaks area to see a vet at 9pm. Are there closer vets open 24 hours near me? sure are. Are there any open past 7pm that I trust near me? Nope, so out to Pender we went. Great place. Have only had one bad experience there in over 20 years of dog owning. Anywho, he weighs 22.9 pounds ( a solid 22.9 not a fatty 22.9) and all of his tests were negative and he is one healthy little bugger. But the weird behavior gave us cause for a sscare and we were told to watch him closely and get the actions on video if we could which we will; whole point though, it really got me thinking about how much this little bugger has affected my and my husband’s lives and what we would do if we lost him. He really is like our kid, so no clue what we’d do without him, but the thought was enough to get me upset. Anyway, so bas-ic-ally I am super grateful for the little 22.9 pounder that sleeps on my legs and steps on my husbands groin and (normally) eats everything in sight. His big eyes and stupid grin just give you warm and fuzzies inside.



3) My soccer team: even if i come back with broken whatevers or pulled this-thats and i am out of running for a week resting to get back to it, it is all worth it for a few reasons. 1) soccer is a wonderful sport that brings 11+ like minded individuals together on a 100 by 120yd field for 90 minutes. it’s you and your team plus the other guys and it almost feels like with those guys and gals, i could take on the world. On Monday night, soccer for Spring season started up again. I sat out for winter because the team I am on was doing indoor in Chantilly and that is a haul from Alexandria on a weeknight for a game starting at 10pm… i know, i know, weak excuse but it is what it is. Anyway, my team reunited and we played our first game Monday and it started out pretty well. I play defense and I am a little rusty but it’s coming back to me 🙂 —  anyway, so we rocked it, even with the rain and the crap other team trying to call the game and the ref setting feminism back by saying that the dudes shouldnt be shouldering the gals (aside: it is SOCCER, it is a CONTACT SPORT, we as females, know what we signed up for when we signed up for coed soccer. the league already took away slide tackling…there is no need to take away the shouldering. it is part of the game and a good way to get people the hell off your ball!)… while he was tryin to look out, he ended up calling some things he shouldnt have called. Mind you it wouldnt be a soccer game if at least one person failed to receive at least a yellow card. but when the ref calls a foul on our keeper who was going for the ball in his 18 box and the other team’s striker trips over our keeper…. ugh. anyway, i am fortunate enough to be on a team that has team building off the field as well as on and they are a great group of people who seem to have my back no matter what my mouth says…. (yes, i get yellow cards for assisting the ref with the game…) and I am happy to have soccer back and grateful to have these guys in my corner even if i do have some weird left foot (pplant foot mind you) thing going on that def cannot be explained presently since i didnt get hit kicked or stepped on… ah well! thanks for being there guys!

only a few of us but on one of many team bonding experiences. rock out!

4) google: I am thankful for google for one reason, and one reason only, it has saved my ass numerous times by sheerly allowing me to find information quickly and quietly. it’s a win win win as far as search engines go. as far as their cleaning up and such… i was less than pleased to hear of the discontinuation of google reader, but super thrilled to be able to move seamlessly over to feedly. neither here nor there. i am grateful for google the search engine. i got my research for my 20 page, single spaced paper done and posted to the class forum to be approved. I begin writing next week and i need to be done by april 20th and i also need to get onto the presentation schedule for april 25th!

5) technology in general. yes, this is a super nerd thing to say, but allow me to explain my point a little further. i am grateful for technology for several reasons. 1) smartphones! hell yea!!! 2) technology gives me a job and a future. i am a web developer by trade and working towards a master in cyber security and software engineering so yea, super grateful for tech! 3) NASA, SpaceX, Mars Rovers, all super nerd things like this would not exist without amazing minds expanding on present technology. People can and are doing amazing things with technology. Open your eyes and you will see all of the practical uses outside of your phone, tv, and computer…. like pacemakers, bionic limbs, satellites, etc and all of it = AMAZING!

anyway, that is my weekly om. whatre y’all thankful for?


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