My To Conquer List

Like a Bucket List, but less morbid; similar to “Make this My Bitch List” yet a little more family friendly, this is my “To Conquer List”

  1. Learn to surf
  2. Run the Marine Corps Marathon (could happen in October 2014)
  3. Run the Walt Disney Marathon (could happen in January 2014)
  4. Run a marathon in under 5 hours
  5. Run a marathon in under 4 hours
  6. Run a sub 2 marathon (targeting April 2018)
  7. Go to every Redskins home game in a season
  8. Make some sick beats that I actually let someone listen to 😛
  9. Finish the rap I have been working on
  10. Write and finish the book my dad and I started
  11. Eat a pizza in Italy (Dec 2004 with my mother)
  12. Drink a Guinness in Ireland
  13. Travel to the Australian Outback
  14. Climb a volcano (Costa Rica, Nov 2012, Volcano Arenal)
  15. Snowboard down the Swiss Alps
  16. Go to Amsterdam
  17. Participate in Octoberfest (in Germany) – Targeting September 2018 assuming I get into Berlin Marathon
  18. Go to a World Cup
  19. Write a piece of software (January/February 2015)
  20. Open a business with my brother
  21. See the Northern Lights
  22. Break the sound barrier
  23. Watch a spacecraft launch into orbit (happened in November 2013)
  24. Use rock-paper-scissors to make an important corporate or life decision
  25. Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in person
  26. Create a charity organization (helped get a benefit that helps addicts get back on their feet, 2014)
  27. Have a real-life food fight
  28. Practice Buddhism for 1 month
  29. Complete yoga teacher training
  30. Buy a house with a yard (December 2014)
  31. Become a Real Estate Agent
  32. Do something that impacts the computer world (in progress)
  33. Consult at Google (done and done)
  34. Program an iPhone app
  35. Program an Android app (did this at NASA but not solo)
  36. Speak at a conference (Drupalcon 2016, drupalcon 2017, govcon 2017!!!!!)
  37. Go to Israel
  38. Play soccer with a Brazilian
  39. Participate in a protest or a movement fighting for something I believe in
  40. See the Pope at Vatican City
  41. Help a friend accomplish their dream (in progress)
  42. Win a contest
  43. Attend the Super Bowl
  44. Swim around the Great Barrier Reef
  45. Run the Incan Trails to Machu Picchu, a glorious 26.2
  46. Run Transrockies with a buddy!


I will edit this as I complete things and as I add more things to the list. If you have a suggestion of something you want me to do, feel free to tweet it at me!

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