Fairness and What You Can Do with It

That moment when you realize that life isn’t fair no matter who you are or what class you are in, across species and generations…life isn’t fair.

Yknow when you’re a kid and your sibling gets a toy and you want a toy but you didn’t finish all of your homework/chores/etc? Right, and then you shout at your parent, “but that’s not fair!” And they respond, “life isn’t fair!” Your parents don’t ever tell you, but life is never going to be fair. So here I am. Telling you. Life is not fair. It won’t ever be fair. I know… Your mind is blown. Sometimes it might be more fair and sometimes it will be significantly less fair (all about perception, which we will discuss in a bit). That is life. It fluctuates. It ebbs and flows.

As you grow and make your way through the treacherous trip of life, you will encounter this scale of fairness often. You will see that in grade school, when one kid told a more gullible kid that there were child-eating, parent-hiding monsters under your bed, You will see that in high school when someone cheats their entire way through, never getting caught and gets into your dream school that life is not fair. In college, you will observe this also in other ways and then once you get into the real world, this magical place where you get paid every day and you think things are gonna be different… Well, lemme tell ya, life is def no fairer.

sorry for the swear words. please excuse.

HOWEVER! I mentioned above how it is all about perception. This, THIS concept, is very important to remember. So change your perception and start looking at “unfair situations” like this: — you are just going to need to work a little harder because someone knows YOU CAN work a little harder and achieve all of the things still — everything happens for a reason and someone out there knows YOU CAN handle it. Really, in my mind, what it all boils down to is that someone up there in the sky knows you can handle shit and get it done and you will be better and stronger for it and THAT is why YOU are put in these “unfair situations” — because YOU CAN handle it. #likeaboss With that being said, what we need to do is have a little fun with life! Accept life’s challenges and just remember, if you are given a challenge, it is there to teach you something and make you stronger!

Paul Rudd, havin a good time 🙂

  I will leave you with this amazing video of a father-daughter team, lip syncing….

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