My NYE Yoga Experience

  • me :  So I was at yoga and teach came to push on my leg and I was like dude, I have a marathon in a week so you verbally tell me and then I will do…  After class, I’m tellin teach I missed my first marathon and I ain’t missin this one and then this girl in class asks what’s a marathon and I was like well it’s a marathon… And she was like ok but what distance and I was like dude… Marathon distance. and she was like I don’t know how far that is. And I was like 26.2 miles and she was like are all marathons 26 miles and I was like duuuuuuuddddeeeeee

  • : //" target="_blank">Kat: O. M. G. Lol people are dumb. That is all.

  • me : Just straight flabbergasted

  • Kat : You should be like don’t forget the point 2

  • me : Right?!? I felt like I was on the League and I was Andre and she was making fun of me and then I realized that she just had no damn clue.

  • Kat : LMAO


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  1. Kat says

    Bwahahaha love it!

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