THE DAY IS UPON US! (kind of)

per the doc… 6 weeks, post-cheilectomy is a good time to start running. while my foot is still swollen and could be for another 2 weeks-5 months, i have still been ok’ed to try out the whole running thing (high impact exercise). 

mental notes i have made:
1) ICE ICE ICE afterwards whether i think i need it or not
2) elevating wouldnt be bad either
3) start off slow… w like 0.5 mile run, 0.5 mile walk… (good but suck)

so a few thoughts on this whole cheilectomy gig…. it sucks. if you can avoid it, try that (orthotics really did relieve the pain for a bit, once my feet wore em down a little, but these were not and nowhere near a long term fix for me). its frustrating, tough and overall a little difficult. i am not at the point where i find it worth it… although i feel like i am getting there and will be there soon. i am just not there yet because 6 weeks ago some dude sliced my foot open, through a ligament and repaired some cartilage and shaved down some bone spurs… it was AWESOME! (sarcasm).

anyway, first week i was on crutches. the bandage was too tight and cutting off circulation to my 4th and 5th metatarsals on the left foot (surgery foot). after that wrap came off, a new one went on for the next week, this continued for four weeks post surgery total. then i was cleared to shower like a normal and NOT pull of the stera-strips (not sure on spelling). i could only wear my altras but i was happy to be in normal shoes. DEFINITELY the shoes to roll with post surgery with a huge swoll foot (and i dont mean swoll in that “good way” where guys say theyre going to go to the gym and get swoll…); huge toe box, wide in general… just awesome boats on my feet. I will tell ya they run small. i wear a 9-9.5 in dress shoes a 9.5 in running (although post surgery, these are too small) and a 10 in altras. i own the torins (very comfty) and the provisioness (the one without any numbers after it). i wear the torins for post surgery awesome town. even though it feels like im walking on marshmellows, i am hesitant to try running in em… i think i need more cushioning to absorb some of the impact of the high impact sport i love… so tonight, i ordered a pair of Hoka One One Bondi B’s. 

Word on the street is they are the bomb diggity, so that is what im hoping for. i will let you know after i have logged some miles. i dropped a pretty penny on em, which is why i ordered em from the tri shop (return policy for hokas, is a satisfaction guarantee or you can return em in any condition). anyway, here’s hoping. i know they say not to place all of your eggs in one basket… but i think that is where i am… over here, in corner a, basket 1…. prayin like a mo-fo that this shit is gonna work out. 

other than that not a ton to report. intend to do a review on the polar ft40 (i took it swimming the other day) soon.

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  1. Forrest H. Fields says

    post-surgery numbness by: BR I am 35 yrs old. I had surgery on my right ankle 4 weeks ago…broke the ends off of both my tibia and fibula where they attach to the ankle. Had to have 4 incisions…also a plate and 9 screws. I was very concerned because of the numbness on the top of my foot. The whole bottom of my foot is pretty normal feeling, but the tops of my toes and top of my foot is numb and weird-feeling. I can move all my toes up and down at the same time, but can not wiggle them. It almost grosses me out to touch the top of my foot because it feels dead. I get random, sharp, shooting pains in my foot and ankle area, and there’s one spot on the bottom of my big toe that, if touched, feels like someone shocked it with electricity! My doctor assures me it is normal and that it may take 6-7 months for my nerves to “wake up” and return to normal. According to what I’ve read so far, I guess it is, but I just hope all the feelings really do come back! I don’t think I can handle my foot feeling like this forever! I’m really worried about this. Is there anything I can do to help it along? Someone said they were taken ibuprofen. Will this help? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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