Tips for Moms on New Year’s Resolutions

As we enter into a New Year, I would like to take a few moments to share some shower thoughts I was having this am, with you. Yea, you. The person on the other side of the screen. 

As a new mom, I had tons of ideas about what I should do… take my kid here, dress her up as such, mommy and me, and I was going to lose all of the weight and then some and eat right and do right and all of that… yeeeeeeaaaaaaa… let’s talk about this for a minute. 

JUST STOP. STOP STOP STOP! Stop being so hard on yourself. Oh, you only managed to get dressed in pants and keep the baby alive today? um… WIN. 

Oh you managed to not eat the ENTIRE tub of ice cream today because you were eating your feelings but you only ate some of them? WIN.

You got in a walk outside (even though you used to run 6+ miles daily), um, take a win, honey. Take. A. Win.

As moms, we are WAY too hard on ourselves. Yes, we CAN do a lot and we often DO do (hehe do do) a lot. But that doesn’t mean we should be hard on ourselves for all of the things we fail to accomplish. So this year, instead of setting numeric or specific goals, I recommend setting broad goals.

For example:

  • This year, I will not yell at the little shit stain that just ran my toddling 1 year old over at a public play place. This year, I will teach that little shit stain to apologize and check to make sure baby is ok, instead of just saying WHOA WHATRE YOU DOING?!?
  • This year, I will accept that sometimes I outgrow people and things and that is ok. PUT THE SIZE 6 PANTS BACK! you ain’t foolin no one. (PS, like age, size is just a number)
  • This year, I will focus on making sure the baby and I are clean and dressed more than half of the time.
  • This year, my husband and I will tag team the sleep deprivation better.
  • This year, I will think before speaking at play dates… just because someone says something asinine, doesn’t mean you need to run your mouth and look just as silly or dumb (and believe me, you will encounter this at play dates, at work, with your family, pretty much with all humans you interact with)
  • This year, I promise to exercise good judgement and *occasionally* self-restraint… WHAAAAA I KNOW RIGHT?!?!

You know… goals like that. Broad achievable goals that don’t inflict even more pressure on yourself, but that may make you more human again. As moms, we have enough pressure, societal, familial and otherwise, that we don’t need added pressure from ourselves.

Besides, if you just resolve to be awesome, you can keep doing what you’re already doing! ROCKIN IT one day at a time! 

Happy New Year!

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