I Straight Up Ghosted on Y’all

Well, here we are, in the month of December. My posts have been non-existent since July and were already on the decline since pregnancy… not that I posted a lot then. I know a lot of other mothers and people in general are much more capable of doing multiple things at once but for the last 5 months I made a choice. I decided to focus on real life instead of the virtual life. I took a break from side work, from this blog, on and off from twitter and I gotta tell ya, it helped with me not missing much of REAL life. But naturally, I missed you and so here I am 🙂

What has happened in the last 5 months? 

The Boss started walking in October. She started running a week ago and she turned ONE 5 days ago!!! Where does the time go? 


Work is on the up and up. Doing big things for the country through code. #LifeIsGood

Aldy is still cute as ever and he is the Boss’ best friend. 


Husband is wading through the year with the rest of us, hanging in there.

I ran another marathon; marine corps again… it was worse this go round only because the course got changed due to metro safe track and the changes were TERRIBLE. So, what do I do? I decide I am going to run a marathon somewhere else next year 🙂


A week after running the marathon, I rolled down to disney world to use my deferred wine and dine race entry to run with some amazing people. 



anywho, now that I am back, there will be more to come. I am working on a comparative piece with a buddy and some other things! so, stay tuned!

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