The Newborn Life: A Review

Everyone said this newborn thing would be tough. Everyone said you get no sleep. Everyone said this. Everyone said that. Everyone has a lot of things to say and as many new moms have said before me, the things everyone has said… most of it hasn’t been asked for… heh and keep in mind, opinions are STILL like assholes — everyone’s got em…. and most people don’t want to see/hear em 😉

So. My review of the newborn thing: I had a 9lb, 22inch long baby. She spent approx 7 days in the nicu. She was full term and the nicu stay was absolutely unexpected, super stressful and all of the other feelings you would feel being told your brand new baby is headed to the nicu unexpectedly. When she did come home, we were thrilled. She wowed us every two hours, wanting to be fed and changed. You could almost set a clock to her. 

She is an interesting and amazing being. And as she grows, she gets more personality and only becomes cuter and more entertaining. We cannot stop being amazed by this tiny little girl. She surprises us constantly. Blowing bubble in her saliva, being way more alert than any other newborn we have met…. etc etc. 

She has not failed us and I am not sure she will.

There are so many things we have learned, but I suppose that is a whole other post. Figured I would update this with what I have thus far.


No pics aside from the featured image which is old, because we are paranoid of crazies, but she is beautiful and we love her.

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