Word Vomiting and Other Socially Awkward Things

I have this terrible tendency to word vomit all over people after days and weeks of silence. It isn’t pretty and it isn’t favored normally, but yknow, it is what it is. I did this to my friend, Rachel, about two months ago, via email, telling her that I have known her for over 15 years and we should be able to discuss more than just surface stuff with each other. We had several back and forth emails about how this was, in fact, the case and we should have a dedicated night to it and thus, “Whiskey night” was born. We sit. We imbibe the occasional glass of whiskey or other spirits and we chat about things that aren’t surface related: from complaining about life to in-depth feels that we struggle to discuss with anyone else. This often involves a lot of word vomiting 🙂

Socially awkward, I am. Happens to the best of us.

And REAL TALK (skip next paragraph if you can’t handle real talk): I am sure that some of you have noticed… I haven’t exactly updated this thing lately. And, honestly, I am not sorry. I have been having a bit of a rough go of the whole life thing since all of my extracurricular activities have ended and my training was abruptly halted when I found out post marathon that I have a partial tear in my meniscus. I have pretty down in the dumps and feeling somewhat not all participatory in this thing called life. I spent a fair amount of time working through a lot of feels and emotions and been going through some motions and trying to regain that “life is so amazing” feeling! And I have been slowly doing that; I have been getting more and more active in a variety of activities! I have been working with Girl, Develop It! on some stuff as well as coming up with some long term side projects for wordpress theming and drupal theming. I am pretty jazzed about them. I am also in talks with some various friends about collaborative projects! Life is getting exciting again and I am getting busy (which is how I survive)!

I am having arthroscopic knee surgery to repair the partially torn meniscus next Thursday and I should be back up and on the road and trails again within a few weeks! Until then, I have started a kick ass swimming regiment to get some kind of base in and get back in some kind of shape (and hopefully lose some of the sad sack weight I have gained in the last two months of sad sack sitting). 

Here’s hoping 2015 won’t be completely terrible to me and my family! Husband and I moved into a new place and we are excited about the future prospects! Keep your eyes here and we will be back soon with more information and various other things 🙂

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