The Thinks I Think, Edition 3

I have a lot of thoughts and most of them are completely unrelated, so bear with me.

Things I have learned in the last 6 months:

  1. Life is hard and even with the best and hardest of helmets, we always seem to feel the hardness of life. 
  2. If you’re a leader and nobody’s following you, you’re just a guy out for a walk. – John Bohener — Completely accurate statement. (I may not agree with him 92% of the time, but in this statement, removed from context, I agree. it is accurate)
  3. Death is never fun. Ever. It is hard and makes every day tasks seem much less relevant to the overall big picture, which can cause other damaging effects.
  4. Death can either devastate a family or bring them closer together. I would like to think that my father’s death brought all of us closer together as we nurse similar wounds that were painful for all of us. We haven’t recovered completely but are working together to support each other. 
  5. Blood really is thicker than water. And sometimes, so is friendship.
  6. My husband is amazing. He has completely stepped up to the nonexistent plate. (although in all fairness, he was stepping up before too)
  7. New normal SUCKS. Feelings of pain hit in large waves and at random intervals when we least expect it, but now they are morphing into pangs of happiness that has a lot of sadness around it because there won’t be times like that again
  8. When I take out all of my extra curricular activities (I suspended all website dev outside of work until the new year; I am no longer in grad school; I am not training for anything and am down for the count due to mysterious knee pain which I will talk more about later), I tend to sit and wallow and become someone going through motions as opposed to attacking life’s challenges with gusto. I am working to correct this, presently.
  9. I am starting to get back into music and making beats and this makes me happy
  10. We all need to watch less tv. It really does rot your brain and make you stupider. I should know, other than work, this is pretty much all I did for the last 5 weeks

Check back soon for more crazy thinks that I think and other updates. More to come in the near future!


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  1. Betsy Goodman says

    Thanks for writing these pieces. I always enjoy reading them and many times am feeling very much the same as you.

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