Super Powers you Can’t Use and GIVEAWAY TIME!

After the Cherry Blossom race last weekend, I knew something had happened at mile 8 that was no good, but I thought it was just an ache or pain that I could get rid of quickly…. UGH! I was super wrong. I strained my achilles tendon and have been resting it since the race, last Sunday. I tried running and easy 3 miles yesterday; ran with Sheena before going out to support friends at the GW Parkway Classic 10 Miler…

Cheering people on at the GW Parkway Classic
Cheering people on at the GW Parkway Classic (yes, the sheriff is giving me bunny ears)

and it went well… a little tight but no pain. Today I did an easy 4, whatever felt like a comfortable pace… here is the problem…. Today, during my comfty pace, what felt good to my body was a 9:50 pace (SHOCKER!!!! BUT AWESOME). What felt good to my achilles was 10:30-11 min pace. It is like having super powers, but not being able to use them because you don’t know how to control them. GAHHHHHHH! I have gone back to my old shoes for running, walking around in the neutral shoes to get used to them. Slowly switching to the neutrals…. 

I will tell you that cheering everyone on made me so happy yesterday!

After the race, with Leah :-)
After the race, with Leah 🙂 Seeing my buddy so happy and hearing about how when she saw me, Sheena and her husband, she got enough energy to kick it to the end!

Cheering can do wonders for people. Making signs and going out to support amazing friends and strangers can really boost the spirits of the runners AND you! Anyway, so with that being said, I will say, as I slowly work on getting my achilles tendon ready for Nike (cause seriously if I miss it again for the second year in a row, it must mean I am just not meant to run this race… but lord, I refuse to accept that) in two weeks. I am praying, resting, stretching, foam rolling, and elevating. Heat too!!! Anyway so as I deal with this stuff and get my body ready (or not, because I will be listening to my body) for Nike in two weeks, I thought I would host a giveaway!

I NEVER do giveaways; but in the effort to boost my charity awesomeness, I wanted to make this a bit of a game. Was hoping y’all could help me out! I want to give away two gift cards! So that means 2 people are going to win THINGS!!! woooo!!!! DON’T YOU WANT TO WIN ALL OF THE THINGS?!

I have two gift cards for $50 bucks each to INKnBURN to giveaway!

A little background: I have two rescue puppies and a third pug pup <— we knew the guy who had the litter. Anyway, I am a huge supporter of local shelters and when I saw that the Humane Society, here in DC, had some bibs for Marine Corps Marathon, I signed up! This will be a rematch for me since I was scheduled to run MCM last year and had to have foot surgery instead… awesome substitute…Anyway, help me rematch MCM and support local shelters and rescue cats and dogs while you’re at it! Together, we can save ALL the puppies and kitties! And if that thought doesn’t convince you, take a look at your pet or think back to that family pet you had as a kid and donate… and if that still doesn’t convince you, read on! 

Now, keep in mind, above I said this is going to be a bit of a game and it is for charity! So, with that being said, here is how you can enter:  to enter, go to my donations page and donate any increment of $10 (that can be $10, $20, $30, etc) — the more increments of $10, the more chances you will get to win! Once you have gone to my page and donated, come back here and comment telling me you have donated. I will be checking and keeping track! After you donate, you can get an extra chance to win by tweeting about this giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So to recap, there are 2  prizes! You donate to win!

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