Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

Spolier alert! I got a 3 min PR and met Christine at the Cherry Blossom 10 miler!
Spolier alert! I got a 3 min PR and met Christine at the Cherry Blossom 10 miler!

I feel like I have been doing nothing but race recaps lately. But don’t worry that is going to change in the next week or so and I will keep this brief! Not as in-depth as the last few recaps. This is what I will say… remember that ten miler I did last month, with gail? Well, I beat that time by 3 minutes and I did not pick it up the entire final mile like I did in Reston. I averaged 10:23 a mile and finished in 1:44:48 <— this is a big accomplishment for me. 

I decided to do it in “new” shoes and ended up jacking up my achilles a little bit (hoping this isnt anything long term… finally seeing some improvement in my score). I had run in them 2 times before a handful of miles, the previous week. I have been testing out neutral cushion+ shoes, when I am used to wearing stability/motion control and it caused my achilles to get irritated. I imagine the rain today is not helping in the matter (as rain always make my joints ache and aggravates any other injuries). 

Anyway, basically I am slowly working towards that 9 min pace for that sub 2 half, although I imagine it will be a while. heh. 

The miles were pretty even for me, ranging from 10:10-10:30. I had one that was 10:51, where I took my top layer off. And one that was 10:59 where I stopped for a water stop since I was running out in my hand held. But overall, I felt REALLY good about this race and super strong! I felt like I could have totally carried on another 3 miles. Just hoping I can pull a similar performance off for Nike at the end of this month. The course was flat and pretty! I will totally be running this next year, if they will have me!

Other highlights of the day… despite achilles issues now, I love the Asics shoe I ran in. Also, I FINALLY got to meet Christine of We Run Disney — she is awesome and I really enjoyed meeting her. I hope to catch her at future races! She seems like a lot of fun and we have been friends on social media outlets for a while! She provides awesome support!!! 😀

Ok! Not much of a recap. I am keeping it short. Check back over the next few days… you might see something that strikes your fancy.

Come back and all of that. And if you are bored and want to help a sister out, go over here and make a donation to help the puppies and the kitties! We are 50% there! 

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