Help me save the puppies and kitties

Today as I was perusing facebook, I noticed the Humane Society, here in DC has a team for the Marine Corps Marathon. Now, I do want to run the MCM. It was supposed to be my first marathon, but then I landed my happy ass in a boot and was unable to complete MCM and run my first marathon in Oct 2013. So this year, after completing marathon #1, I decided that 1 was not enough and quickly got marathonmnesia (it’s a real thing! where you declare “NEVER AGAIN!” and a month later you’re like, ooookkkkkkkk and trip and fall and register). So Never again was last month and this month, here I am, tripping and falling and signing up for my first ever charity marathon where I will run for the puppies and the kitties! I had planned to enter the lottery and just hope I got a spot, but this way is much better. It is for a good cause. Gives me a chance to give back to all of the puppies and kitties who need saving (that I prolly cannot adopt because we don’t have enough space for all the puppies and kitties)! 

Now, in case y’all didn’t know, I have quite a few puppies. I happen to love all the puppies (and all the kitties)! So with that being said, I promptly emailed the woman running the team for Washington Humane Society, and asked where I could sign up to help all of the puppies and all of the kitties!


She sent me back a response and minutes later, I was signed up to run Marine Corps Marathon (pre registration) and save all the puppies and kitties! So with that being said, YOU can help me save all the puppies and kitties, by donating at my donate page

Them puppies and kitties ain’t gonna save themselves!




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  1. BIEG says

    Off to a good start!

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