Run with Santa 5k Recap

Only a week behind! Wooooo!!!!

Remember back in November when I mentioned Leah’s 30th birthday party? I didn’t talk a whole lot about it, but it was an awesome affair! Her husband rented out part of the pub that our group frequents on a regular basis and that they consider home base. He spared no expense for her 30th birthday and it was awesome! Anyway, at this 30th birthday party, some of Leah’s friends talked me into running a 5k with them on December 8th in Reston. 

A few things about 5ks – 1) I have not run a 5k since I was a freshman in high school. 2) It’s because I am terrified of failing terribly. 3) Why do I need 5ks? I run 10 milers like a boss! 4) yea, so really, I am just super scared.

Run with Santa 5k, courtesy of PR Racing

So I got talked into running this 5k. In Reston, which if you are familiar with the DC area, is about a 27 mile drive down 66 and 267 respectively. No biggie, I have driven much further to a race (like that time I drove to Florida for a triathlon I couldn’t compete in) but not in impending snow storms. Often, when I hear it is going to snow, I make an effort NOT to go anywhere, except to say… the grocery store to stock up on wine and hot cocoa…. but it was my husband’s first race and it was only 3.1 miles. I could knock that out in my sleep! Mind you I had ran 15 miles the day before.. but hey, what’s another mile or two?

Anyway, my husband and I got dressed and got ready to head out to Reston.  


Doesn’t he look so cute putting on his race bib for his very first race?!?

So we headed out to Reston and got a good parking spot in one of the open lots next to the start line. We waited in the car as it started to snow and I put on an extra layer. Around 8:15am, we got out of the car to meet up with the rest of our group (about 8 people running and Earl hangin out). It was snowing heavily at this point and it was FREEZING! SO VERY COLD (see image above). The rest of our group showed up and we walked over to the start line. Kyle and Vicki headed to the front of the pack (they were gonna shoot for 20-24 min time). Leah, Jerid, Sheena and I headed to about the middle of the pack. My husband and I had a discussion about how we wouldn’t be running together because I was going to try and use all of the speed work training I had been doing to beat 30 minutes on the clock. I looked at Leah and told myself that I was going to try and keep up with her. She often runs and averages faster times than me but her speed was within reach in my mind. She said we were going to try and keep between a 9 and 10 min pace. I said ok. As the race started, I said goodbye to my husband and followed Leah over the start line and around a bunch of people. We were on target for the first mile, hitting a 9:50ish for the first mile, as we went out of Reston Town Center and around it, down Reston Pkwy. There were definitely some slippery moments on the road surface and the snow was coming down HARD. We hit the second mile at 9:30 something and at about mile 2.22, I passed a couple of people and lost Leah somewhere in the shuffle. I finished the race, clocking in at 30:30, not beating my goal but almost (my last mile came in around 9:22) and ps: that 0.1 really makes a difference.

Things I realized during this race: I could not have done it without Leah. She started off at one pace and maintained it and that pushed me to do the same. I was surprised at my abilities and I think Leah is a great running buddy who really helped me through this race, just by existing next to me!


My husband had a great first race! He said it was only made more magical by the snow!



Other updates to come in the next post (whenever that might be!)


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