Rise and Shine: Motivation Monday?

Well…. another Monday is here. Not a fan of Monday’s. Bad things always seem to happen on Monday’s. One thing that the fitness community does on Mondays, is a variety of happy and positive things like Motivation Monday and/or Marathon Monday. I figured today was special, because per my google doc, I am starting marathon training. TODAY. For my first marathon. EVER. So we will give this a shot. Per recommendation from Theodora’s post about a girl who BQ-ed at MCM yesterday, I went over and checked out this chickie’s blog. On her blog was this video: 

A few things about the video above… 1) Watch it. It is pretty awesome and intense. 2) it is def gonna get my ass in gear as I attempt to tackle one of the more (if not most) difficult training runs this afternoon (1 mi warm up, 2 x 1 mi repeats at 9:15 pace, 1 mi cooldown) — now I have no problems running 4 miles. I can lay down 7 if you asked me to today, but I haven’t tried to push myself to achieve a 9:15 pace… ever. I mean, I figure I can but yknow just havent tried. Have solidly stuck with what is comfortable on a consistent basis. But what’s comfortable isn’t making me any faster. I am getting slow improvements but nothing major. I guess now is the time. Like the video says, it is time to turn my back on what’s comfortable and what is safe. This is day 1 and from here it is only going to get tougher.

71 days and we arent taking the easy way out. Winning does NOT happen on accident. It’s time. Rise and shine. It’s time to wake up from the self-doubt and the hate (towards yourself and your abilities) and tell yourself, YOU GOT THIS. and keep telling yourself as you push yourself through YOUR most challenging workout that this life isn’t for suckers and you CAN do this. and then if you cry, cry because you did it. 

ps: i may just write a crying email to my coach. but i am certainly going to push my body to it’s limits to see what it can do. so go out and do the same. get in it to win it!

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  1. Kat says

    You’ve got it girl – it can be tough to get in the game with life being crazy but you can do feet

    1. onelittlebecca says

      Thanks Kat! Just new for me. Outside the comfort zone! Congrats on completing your 26.2!!

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