time to let you in on a few things

aight, so it’s time to open up the lines of communication and share a few things with you:

1) I am able to run (kind of) and I have begun marathon training (kind of) and while I contacted a few different people about various collaborations (as far as coach/student relationship), I ended up going with the best person for me in my current situation. My running coach is Abby. So far, 1 week in, she’s pretty awesome!

I thought long and hard about all of the different options because there are so many awesome possibilities for running coaches, but ultimately I chose Abby because she is a PT student and will tailor my training plan to my foot recovery. She understands all of the exercises I have been given by the PT and will work with me as best she can to ensure that I don’t have any physical setbacks while still attempting to marathon train. Basically, she’s gonna make sure my foot and I don’t have fights while training. 

I turned 30 Friday
I turned 30 Friday!

2) On Friday, I turned 30. With turning 30, came a lot of looking at and reevaluating how I plan on moving forward. This is always tough because it requires you to look objectively at a completely subjective piece — in this case where I am in life and evaluate where I want to go eventually. This was interesting and while there isn’t really anything to reveal here (no new anything and no plans for new anything), it definitely made me list out my wants and needs for the future (and I am talking overall with life, not solely focusing on job, marriage or anything else, but yknow, all encompassing). Fun fact: I even included my husband in this discussion! wooooo!!!!

Also, I should add here, that my friends are awesome! I don’t really celebrate my birthday unless I am forced or something is planned by someone else. For me, its just another day, minimal symbolism, but I am lucky I have such awesome friends that plan things and then say this is happening and so I show up. My friends planned an evening out on my birthday to Bobby McKeys (a dueling piano bar at National Harbor) and it was a TON of fun! 13 people in total showed, there were buckets of champagne, streamers/confetti, some drinks and a lot of fun, singing and dancing. I am so very lucky to have these wonderful people in my life who actually give a shit enough to wait in (ironically enough) race traffic to get onto National Harbor semi-island to come and celebrate my turning 30. I feel very blessed to have these people in my life, and I only hope to be able to return the favor of awesomeness in the future.

3) I’ve had a lot going on with my weight since I was unable to run the past 5 months due to foot issues. My weight was steadily, and annoyingly, increasing. So I am now tracking what I eat and trying to watch my portions and my input (what I eat) vs my output (what I do physically). This has been interesting. No super new developments, but I will say writing down what I eat shames me into eating better portions and this has helped tremendously so far (of course, the celebrations that occurred Friday didn’t assist, but it is what it is and i digress…)

My husband and I
Jay and I after hiking Saturday


so to move forward, I did my Saturday run on Sunday (due to Friday celebrations) and that was after a hike through part of great falls saturday (after which, I forgot to ice my foot) and so by the end of my workout, my foot was starting to feel it. I dont know if I would describe it as hurting. I did push myself a little bit more than I have in past running workouts to see what I could do and I believe, I have found a limit. For now, it seems that when I increase my speed, the pounding on my foot and joint increase and then by the middle of the 3rd mile, my foot is like dude, whatchu talkin bout willis. and I respond with, i am talkin bout MILE 3 DAMNIT! so this is something I am going to discuss with my PT tonight and with my coach and see what, if anything can be done and if this is normal — from the forums and blogs that I have read, this is pretty normal and will subside eventually — but everyone is different, so I expect nothing. Just gonna increase the cushion and see  (and of course listen to my body, my coach and my PT).


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