Recovery in Style

I have started writing a post about ten different times. I had several different drafts, from fun on crutches to how I have been trying to and failing working out while not being able to use my foot. I guess I just havent been able to man up and put this crap down on paper.

So here’s the story. I needed surgery. I had surgery on Wednesday, July 17 on my left toe joint. The doctor removed the bone spurs and repaired the cartilage. He told me today at my post op appt that the cartilage completely wore down and so my bones were rubbing against each other and that was causing the fluid sacs and bone spurs. At my appointment, they removed the bandage from initial surgery and all of the bloody gauze and rewrapped in less dressing and with fresh gauze and tape. I was cleared to walk on my foot (sans crutches) and given the homework of pulling my toe upwards once a day to make it less stiff. Below are some pics of the stitches. There is still Beta-dine and purple marker on my foot from the surgery but it could be considered graphic. Just a head’s up.





I get my stitches out next Wednesday and word on the street is, I won’t be able to wear sneaks or sandals for another few weeks. Expected but sad.

Anyway, this happened because of soccer, not running. And it was due to years and years of competitive soccer, so don’t worry. So, with that said, it prolly won’t happen to you. I now have a love/hate relationship with my amazing couch as I have been sitting on it for the better part of a week. But I am happy I did that and kept my feet up and icing because now I am allowed to walk on my foot and I have my pug back here at my house instead of kickin it at my parents house.

Anyway, happy Wednesday. I gotta start my Java homework this week. ARGH! 

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