The Dream of the 90s is ALIVE and WELL!

Soooooo last week I was pretty radio silent on the blog front. My orthotics and I went to Portland for a conference for work (DrupalCon Portland) and it was pretty dern awesome! On the first day alone, I was awake for a full 23 hours! YAY TIME CHANGE!!! hehe I got the opportunity to learn more about drupal and various awesome modules and things coming down the pike and also to see the city of Portland, where I have never been before. Oh Portland, Portlandia was so right about you: the dream of the 90’s IS alive in portland! NO LIE!!! When I got off the plane in Portland, it was like stepping out of modern land and into a grunge video from 1994. They wear flannel, combat boots and have long mohawks like in the idea of the shaved part is a bit longer and the then the mohawk hawk part is just ridiculously bushy. Skinny jeans are not a trend out there. and when Portlandia talks about how young people go to retire out there… also truth. Not gonna lie, I loved the shit outta Portland! It’s just all true. One of their catch phrases is “Keep Portland Weird” — how could you not love portland?!!?


I was shocked! Had no idea what to make of it. There are microbreweries on every block. I went out there for a conference and while out there, I managed to free up some time and meet up with some friends from college. It was awesome! Conference all day and then met up with two buddies from college, separately. On Tuesday night, I met up with my friend Michelle, her baby Will and her husband R (who also went to college with us). She took me out to this deli/bar(?) where they watched Game of Thrones on the wall. Like… no joke, there was a random viewing party happening while we were there eating. It was definitely entertaining. We caught up and had a good time chatting. I was told that I need to return when I can run again so I can go with R out on the trails and get in some solid trail running. This was music to my ears! Who doesn’t wanna hear how awesome the trails are!? I was able to order a tuna melt without being warned about heated tuna and it was awesome! On Wednesday night, I met up with my buddy Aaron. He and I hung out in college a lot. We were both English majors at Purdue, took film history together senior year, etc… ran with the same crowd a bit. It was definitely good to catch up with him. He has a long mohawk, wears the combat boots and the flannel. Highlight of the first ten minutes of hanging out: a glass got broken! and i poked my thumb with a broken piece of it. Then I learned that you can leave your bag on a chair and go to the bathroom and no one steals it. This was a foreign concept to me because I live in DC. I am from DC. And uhhh nowhere in DC can you just leave your bag on a chair and not have it a) stolen, b) searched for bombs or c) dug through while your gone. A great time with an awesome guy. I cannot believe I waited 8 years to catch up with these two wonderful people! On Thursday night, I did some programming and met up with some people I knew from Oklahoma and then went home and did some more programming and packed up, preparing to leave and head back to DC. Long story short, I am slowly recapping the conference on my other site: So far I have Day 1 of DrupalCon recapped. I will be honest with ya, if you aren’t tech inclined or you aren’t interested in Drupal Nerd Crazy time, then I would just ride out the rest of the post here. Normally, people are like, GO CHECK OUT MY OTHER SITE and i am all like… eh, if you don’t like this, whats the point? THAT is how much I care! Hahahahaha Anyway, drupalcon was a lot of fun. Portland was great and my husband and I intend to go out there and visit Portland together when we can really wander around and explore. I definitely want to climb Mount Hood if I can. Beautiful city, even if it is a little rainy. Over the weekend, the husband and I hung out, caught up and did random stuff. I tried spin for the first time with my friend Sheena. It was a nice workout. I posted a before picture on my instagram feed (so I caved and signed up for instagram. I am warning you, if you don’t like food, fitness or pugs, do NOT follow me on instagram, otherwise head on over and hit me up!)

I made up a recipe last night and have been really enjoying cooking as of late. I will put it up tonight/tomorrow if any of ya want it. Sorry my posts have been delayed. I am running behind schedule.

posting more soon!

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