New Year, New Gear w Apples and Arteries

This month, I tried something new! I was trolling random fitness blogs during a lunch break, as I am known to do, and I spotted a unique monthly program that Nicole over at Apples and Arteries has been organizing! It started in January and it is called New Year, New Gear. Every month Nicole sets up and organizes an exchange with other bloggers and fitness peeps around the web.

You fill out the form by the 8th of the month, you get your match via email in a spreadsheet. This month, I got Nicole! As you all know, I am slightly (*ahem*) immobile and havent been getting out to a lot of places since I was ordered to wear a big ugly boot for the entire month of April (and heading into May). I opted to go with stuff that I could order from Amazon! I should have ordered it sooner and shipped it to my house and then repackaged all together with a card or note to Nicole, but apparently I am terrible and didn’t get it ordered soon enough and didn’t want to delay getting the stuff over to Nicole, so I shipped it directly to her.

My match up was a nice chica named Sarah. She send me an awesome pair of shorts, which I can’t wait to try out and some gels and fuels that I haven’t tried before! And since I can’t run right now, I will be trying the shorts out in one of my many BadAss workouts!

gels and shorts from Sarah
Fuel and Shorts from Sarah

YAY! This was a great program and I look forward to doing it in future months! It is a great program where you get to get in contact with a lot of lovely and unique ladies who are just passionate about getting moving!

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  1. MCM Mama says

    That sounds like a really fun exchange! I’m going to have to check that out….

    1. onelittlebecca says

      It’s pretty awesome!!

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