Working out, Boot Style

So I am in a boot, so what?! Life still goes on. Boots don’t make everything stop! As you read, for 5 weeks, I threw myself a pity party… just this last week, I have taken steps to get my butt and boot in gear and move forward with what I need to do while in the boot, to improve my overall strength and start a routine in the gym! I contacted fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador, Shannon over at Badass Fitness. She came up with a plan to get me moving in my boot and exercising and building my strength while helping lose the last couple of pounds I want to lose which will hopefully make me speedier and more awesome once I can start running again.

Half of the things (much more than half) she has assigned for me to do during workouts, I have NO CLUE how to do, so I will be spending a lot of time on her youtube page, learning how to do these exercises before headed to the gym to do them! I am pretty stoked to have been able to clue myself in and get this set up! While I haven’t tried any of the workouts yet (first workout, tonight! thoughts on that to come, post-workout!), I am already impressed with the way Shannon has handled everything. She was prompt in her responses and even when she got busy, she let me know. I feel confident in my decision to move forward with workouts by this awesome lady and am excited to start! Even though I had a computer/skype fail last night, we had a great convo and she is going to help me with some of my nutrition stuff too! I said I had stopped with the cookies and cupcakes and I have! No cookies since thursday and no cupcakes since saturday!

I will move forward and I will make this happen. I can only get stronger from here and I can only get faster once I am allowed to run!

TO THE GYM!!! (after work!)

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