thoughts in face of tragedy

i just want to share some thoughts and some important links about today’s events in boston at the boston marathon.

all of the runners who ran, the ones who ran the marathon (the charity runners, the boston qualifiers, the elite) they ALL busted their ass to get to boston today and to run those 26.2 miles… i am angry for the ones who didnt get to finish, for the ones injured, for the ones who got to finish and has their happy and joyous finish tainted by this terrible hatred. all i can say is that i am angry.

i have not been able to run for the past 5 weeks and i plan on going out and attempting a mile or two in honor of these people.

if you need housing and were put out in boston because of the events, here is a google doc of people willing to host and help:

if you need to find someone and cant reach them, know that cell towers and phones have been jammed by the police and google has rolled out a google finder, you cant find that here:

redcross stuff here:

list of where to go to donate blood:

and if you are angry, go run some miles, swim, crawl, bike, run, anything you can do. go! and pray with every step, stroke and pedal that boston will be ok.

together we stand

together we pray



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  1. Rhonda @ Kids Running Wild says

    It’s very good of you to share these helpful links- people need to have information during tough times.

    Thanks for joining the link-up.

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