The Boot that isn’t a Boot

So this may end up posting a day late depending on how much I get written before the husband gets home and we take off for dinner, so we shall see but basically as you know from Monday, my foot is busted so I had to hit up a doctor. First of all, I will start with the ordeal of getting to see a doc…

backstory: I have been going to this one office since i was 14 and it was only in reston, one office and Dr. M was my doc. Played soccer with his kid. Anyway, he did my foot and ankle surgery as well as knee surgery… when my back was hurting, i found out that his practice of one office and 4 guys has grown to 6+ offices and a whole bunch of guys (docs and Physician Assistants alike) – CRAZY HUGE. anyway, long story short, he only works on knees now so i saw one of his compatriots for my back.

Onward with the story: So we come to Monday, I called a branch of the ortho office and was less than pleased with the receptionist who answered the phone and was trying to “help” me. She was kinda rude. Don’t get me wrong, customer service sucks — i have been in the industry of serving customers a long time… first in retail, then starbucks then as a govt contractor at a variety of agencies. It can be trying, but you put on a smile and you sort it out and you are polite to your customer. Period. Because the thing that keeps customer coming back is the service. Chances are the girl was having a bad day or something, idunno, what i do know was that i wasnt happy, so i opted to look for a new foot ortho guy. I put out a post on twitter and facebook asking peeps for recommendations and I found one. I made an appt for Wed. morning and was satisfied.

brief pause: with all of this being noted, I will always go to Dr. M for my knee stuff and I will always go to Dr. H (recommended by my pop) for my back, but for feet I will stick with this other place I found…

I went to the appt this morning. They did xrays. And I sat awkwardly w my shoes off… in a cold room. Anyway, drumroll please….. nothing is broke! Life is good! Kind of…. nothing is broken; however, I do have sesamoiditis and the sesamoid bones in my left foot have shifted a little! Awesome, right?! Basically, I get to wear a fancy shoe (what I am calling it) and a foot pad. the fancy shoe is a boot that isnt a boot (if that makes sense) and the foot pad is a gel annoying-as-hell gel pad that messes with the rest of my foot while protecting the sesamoid bones…long story short, should be better in 2-3 weeks, until then boot and pad, but once the foot stops hurting, I can run again!

the boot that isnt a boot but more a shoe-boot

Now I have read up on this whole deal and some people dont get healed for a while because they never rest it but others do so I guess it is all about if you rest and make it work for you, so while the Nike Women’s Half in DC is still up in the air for me, as is the Rocketman Tri, but assuming i get into the pool and onto a stationary bike, then I should be able to handle the tri although i will need to do some pool running to maintain any sort of fitness level for the half in 4 weeks… it is questionable as to my participation in that though…. sad… (we aren’t calling it yet! still hopeful!!!)

So with all of this said, I will hafta post my weekly om tomorrow! So… until tomorrow!!!

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