Valuable Lessons Learned

What I learned this weekend:

1) don’t run when you’re feeling crappy because your stomach will make it known that you still feel crappy on the side of the trail

2) charge your garmin once every two weeks just to make sure it has juice

3) let people know you wont make it to something before that something actually starts.


so this weekend I had 9 miles to run and two events to attend.

Friday night was a potluck. My husband and I went and brought Caramelized Onion and Bacon dip and Zero Carb Boneless Buffalo Wings — they seemed to be a big hit. The other stuff that people made was delicious! I ended up overeating soooooo much; it was all so good! Jerid started getting tired and my stomach was starting to protest, so we left and went home to crash. On Saturday morning we got up and ran some errands. Jerid did most of them, I just kinda hung out in the car and sat still. By Saturday night, I was feelin pretty crappy, so we stayed home instead of attending my buddy’s gathering. I didn’t move from the couch except for when it was time to sleep.

Sunday morning, I had planned 9 miles (in prep for Marine Corps 17.75k next saturday) and I was feelin a little better so I got up to attempt that. My garmin was flashing low battery at me and I couldn’t even remember the last time i had charged it so I thought I would give it a shot. Around mile 1.75 I was feeling super craptastic again and my garmin died, so I turned around and on the way back, released part of my insides and decided that I would not be running when my stummy was feeling crappy the day of or day before.

The letting people know you wont make it to something before the event starts is just common courtesy and I dropped the ball on that. #lifefail (yea. i hashtagged. in my blog.)

anyway, short post. got stuff to do. at least i can say this about my weekend. i got my sources for the 20 page single spaced hell paper that i have to write in the next 3 weeks. I will call this paper the hell-banshee that I plan on tackling slowly over the next few weekends… UGH!


How was your weekend? I know there were a lot of racers this weekend! How’d the races go?

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  1. Kim @ Healthy Nest says

    Sorry you’ve been feeling so crappy! I’ve never had a cookie-tossing experience during a run, but I’ve definitely had my share of battery failings and they can really throw you off your game big time. Hope your week perks up from here!

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