Rock n Roll Half and Full Road Closure-type Information

for those in the DC area, the Rock n Roll full marathon and half marathon are in town this weekend! This means road closures! I got an email about it and thought it might be some good info for anyone driving around town this weekend. if i come into the city at all, it will be to bike. Also, if any of my buddies (real life, twitter, or athletic group peoples) are participating, lemme know and i will try and get out to the race route with some ridiculous sign to cheer you on!

but anyway here it is:

The 2013 Rock N Roll USA Marathon and Half Marathon are scheduled for Saturday, March 16, 2013.  The event will impact vehicular traffic in the downtown area with road closure beginning at 12:01 AM.  The marathons are scheduled to begin at approximately 7:25 AM.   All streets affected by this event are expected to be reopened at approximately 2:00 PM, depending on prevailing conditions.

The marathons will form at Constitution Avenue, NW, just east of 14th Street, NW. The route of the marathon is as follows:

•         Start on Constitution Avenue, NW just east on 14th Street, NW

•         Right on Virginia Avenue, NW

•         Right on 18th Street, NW

•         Left on E Street, NW

•         Left on Virginia Avenue, NW

•         Right on 19th Street, NW

•         Right on Constitution Avenue, NW

•         Left on 23rd Street, NW

•         Enter Memorial Circle

•         Exit Memorial Circle

•         Arlington Memorial Bridge

•         Left on Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway

•         Merge left on Shoreham Drive, NW

•         Right on Harvard Street, NW

•         Right on 5th Street, NW

•         Merge onto 4th Street, NE

•         Left of Bryant Street, NW

•         Right on North Capitol Street, NW

•         Left on K Street, NE

•         Right on 4th Street, NE

•         Left on H Street, NE

•         Right on 13th Street, NE

•         Left on Constitution Avenue, NE


Full Marathon/Half Marathon Split


Half Marathon Turns ONLY


•         Left on North Capitol Avenue, NE

•         Merge onto C Street, NE

•         Merge right onto 22nd Street, NE

•         Right on East Capitol Street, NE





•             Right on 14th Street, NE

•             Right on North Carolina Avenue, NE

•             Left on 13th Street, SE

•             Right on East Capitol Street, SE

•             Right on 11th Street, NE

•             Left on East Capitol Street, NE

•             Right on 2nd Street, NE

•             Left on Constitution Avenue, NE

•             Merge right on Constitution Avenue, NW

•             Merge left on Constitution Avenue, NW

•             Left on 9th Street, NW

•             Right on L’Enfant Plaza

•             U-Turn on L’Enfant Plaza (in front of USPS)

•             Right on 9th Street, SW

•             Left on Maine Avenue, SW

•             Right on 6th Street, SW

•             Left on Water Street, SW

•             Merge onto the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail

•             Merge onto P Street, SW

•             Right on 2nd Street, SW

•             Left on V Street, SW

•             Left on First Street, SW

•             Right on Potomac Avenue, SW

•             Left on South Capitol Street, SW

•             U-Turn on South Capitol Street, SW

•             Cross the Frederick Douglas Bridge

•             Left onto South Capitol Street, SE

•             Left on Douglass Bridge access road

•             Right on Anacostia Drive, SE

•             Full loop around Anacostia Park skating Pavilion on Anacostia Drive, SE

•             Left on Nicholson Street, SE

•             Left on Fairlawn Avenue, SE

•             Right on Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

•             Left on L’Enfant Square, SE

•             Left on Minnesota Avenue, SE

•             Right on East Capitol Street, SE on ramp

•             Right on East Capitol Street, SE

•             Merge left onto C Street, SE

•             Merge left onto 22nd Street, NE





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