Ode to NASA

Breaking up is hard to do….

I have come to love the Space Agency so much; the people are unlike anything else you will find. They are passionate, caring, funny and (might I add) super entertaining people who want nothing but the best for themselves and everyone around them. I have a deep love for the friends I have made and the operations (Operation Mustard Stain was my favorite) that have been completed, the Christmas parties attended (I think I did the Wobble at a few of them and my boss’s eggnog = delicious!), the elevator rides with our administrator who totally knows who lil wayne is, and the various amazing projects that I had the opportunity to work on (Space Race Blast Off, Year in Review 2012, Apollo Anniversaries, Day of Remembrance 2013, Curiosity Landing on Mars, Venus Transit —  and this was all in a short year and a half).

But alas, it is with a heavy heart that I announce my leaving from NASA. I am leaving the agency that gave me so much and brought me back from the middle of nowhere, giving me a home and some pretty cool new friends! This is the first time I have had a boss interact with me on Twitter! It has truly been an interesting and wonderful ride!

It was really hard to break up with my bosses, as they have all been really good to me, but I am going to a good place.

I am moving over to the Smithsonian Libraries, where I will be working on their website doing development and general awesome stuff for them. I am really excited for this opportunity; I see it as a chance to grow and learn as a web developer and to move forward with some of my career goals, yknow, all that good stuff! Plus they house really awesome stuff like this:


Who wouldn’t want to be able to see random mammal remains at any moment throughout the day?!!? SO FREAKIN COOL!!!! Long story short, I get to work in a museum and be part of an amazing institution that I worshiped growing up. My parents used to take us to the Smithsonian museums a lot when we were kids, so I am pretty stoked to have this opportunity in my future.

What I will be leaving behind in bionic men,


I will be gaining in animal remains and vast knowledge of all things awesome!



This is truly a bitter sweet situation. There are so many things that I want to say and convey on this day. I really wanted to have something super profound and awesome to say (probably becauseit seems only right to say something super smart and amaze-a-balls) but I don’t — and I guess for me, being speechless is the best tribute I could give because I couldn’t even begin to describe the awesome that is working at NASA.



So I guess all I can say is, Don’t You Forget About me….

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