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Dunno what to call this post because I am filled with tons of things I want to tell y’all!!!


This is my stubborn, i mean business face (apparently it could also represent other faces… too much lemon/lime juice, sour drinks, and other graphic options that I wont discuss here for those with weak stomachs). I am setting a new goals for myself every day. Challenging myself to do better, accomplish more, be MORE awesome (like that’s possible).  In order to do this, I created this list, called my “To Conquer List”. This list won’t be completed today, tomorrow or by the end of the year. This is a list I intend to tackle over the course of a lifetime. Never Give up and all of that!

Don't ever give up
Don’t ever give up

Just to give you an idea of the attitude that will be taken…

anywho, so in addition to this awesome list, I have created a gear list as well. It is kinda weak right now. Pretty sure there are more things I NEED when I run, but this is what I got so far (and yes I know my camelbak is a kid’s camelbak and I am almost 30… this has not escaped me. but I am REALLY short).

With all of these updates, I guess I will move forward on some other updates too! On Saturday I went for my first long run in about 3-4 weeks. Coming back from an injury, I am by no means fast or even as fast as I was. My goals are more just to be able to do the runs and work on my time as I can…



Yea, it took me an hour and 13 mins to run 6 miles and my average per mile was a little over 12 minutes, but at least I was doing the damn thing. The main idea in this photo was to capture my endorphin warrior training bracelet. I had the “courage” one but that one died back in October, so I ordered this one at the beginning of January when I first got injured. It seemed to make the most sense at the time since I felt very broken and defeated, but I refused to let that get me down. So in 20 degree weather, in 3 pairs of pants, I went out and completed me my first 6 miler since the beginning of January. I couldn’t be prouder. On a related note, I am finally going to see a Physical Therapist for my back and the rest of me. My online buddy over at Run Stronger Everyday, who also happens to be a PhD candidate in PT recommended I go see one after I was caught complaining about my various ailments on twitter. I mentioned how I had a script for Physical Therapy and had had one since spet/oct 2012 but just hadnt made the appt and made a promise to call Monday (a week ago) and make an appt. I did and I go on Friday!

All of this updating makes me hungry, so allow me to share with you something I made for dinner and something I intend to make for yummy deliciousness later.

Dinner Saturday night
This was dinner saturday night — ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I got the recipe from Peace, Love and LoCarb — loved it so much, I am pre-ordering her cookbook! You can preorder it to!

The salsa in the white cup, is all me!!! A buddy of mine out in Oklahoma taught me how to make it and I altered it to make it more spicy and awesome! BOOM! I will post the recipe later.

I also found these two recipes and intend to make them at some point in the near future:


Salted Caramel Brownies


  • 7-Layer Bars (although these will be slightly altered because I can’t have the walnuts or my throat will close)

I am really excited of things to come! I will be running my Tackle the Miles Virtual 5k this week AND making a big announcement about my life!

somehow this is my excited face
somehow this is my excited face

STAY TUNED! big news coming!!!

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