Terrifying events, finding my spirit animal and making things go right

So I had a deep tissue massage. And boy was it painful. My friend, Michelle recommended this deep tissue guy. Her boyfriend went to him and got help on his IT Band issue. Anyway, I scheduled an appointment to get help with my semi-pulled hamstring. Before going, I told Michelle I had made an appointment. She warned me that when the guy says you will feel it, that means you will feel it.

Last Saturday morning, I went to my appointment. When the guy arrived, he said this was not going to be like a spa appointment. And believe me was he right! Every time he said I would feel it, I did! but at least he warned me….

so that was terrifying to say the least.

I tried a new yoga class while I was unable to run the past three weeks. I started going, Saturday mornings to the Sunrise Vinyasa class on Saturday morning. It has been great! I think I found my spirit animal? heh just kidding, but I did learn a lot.

Warrior 3 Pose

We have been struggling a lot lately in our family with making things go right and getting everything lined up so that everything is in alignment. Here is the thing, not everything goes right all of the time, but what is important is that you try. If you aren’t trying then don’t expect things to go right. Often times, I hear people talk a big game, and they start off on the right foot, but end up back where they initially started. This includes myself. I have tried and tried again to eat right, but I constantly fail since I have moved back to dc. And the thing is, I keep saying I will do better tomorrow… well when the hell is tomorrow going to come? It is all about will power. If i want to do something, I need to stick with it. I was sticking with running even through the frigid cold until I got my injury… I haven’t been able to run in three weeks… until last tuesday! I ran 1 mile (in 16 degree weather)! And then on Friday, I ran 2 miles! Tomorrow, I am going for 3. (and in 5 weeks, I am running my first half marathon — and terrified!)

In other news, I have ordered a pair of compression capris from 110% — I have tried their compression socks and they are awesome! I have done the research and read the reviews on their pants and others, and I think these are the ones for me for right now!

110% Play Harder

That doesn’t mean I won’t try other brands (I have also looked into 2XU and CW-X), just means that for now, these are for me!

Anyway, I have stepped off my soapbox, I have sat back on the couch. In front of my laptop, to finish this post and then get to work on my weekend take home work for the NASA gig.

Catch ya on the flip, y’all! (side note, love the Lumineers!)


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