Resting is Hard

Resting is hard. Period. I pulled a muscle on Monday (a hamstring) and have been forced to rest since then. I did some arms and abs Wednesday, and I went and got some hand weights and an ab ball friday night and came home. ordered sushi and then did some more arms and abs. My pug and I hung out and watched some tv. After sushi came, I started puttering on my computer and game planning a couple of websites. With jerid in Oklahoma, I decided a relaxed friday evening was the best way to go. I went to the best yoga class this morning at 745, sunrise vinyasa.

I really dont have a lot to say, but didnt wanna leave yall hangin with no updates. Have a good weekend! I am going to eat mexican, watch django unchained and then watch the 49ers try and advance in the playoffs. hopefully i will have some kind of substance to say next time we talk.

but as i said, resting is hard. sitting still is hard. not working out makes me feel not good. ugh.



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