angry becca = busy becca, who be trifflin?

My angry face
This is my angry face turned determined face

I mention my angry face because some things have occurred that made me angry, but as always, I try to be productive and positive as opposed to negative ants at a picnic. So this is my I am turning my anger into something awesome post/face! Anyway, I have a plan to kinda put on my cooler, tie-dyed big kid pants, have a little fun without the frustrations and angers that I allow to come into my space. Instead, I am going to put on the new tie-dyed big girl pants I just bought. I think the blue ones I had were wearing out anyway. And if anyone needs a reference on where to find any big kid pants, lemme know! I have a great resource!

I found some of these awesome signs to inspire and give hope! I know I keep mentioning big plans and changes, and these plans and changes are going to be awesome when I can and do finally release them.

thoughts behind this thing is that we all gotta fail once or twice or 80 million time in order to finally succeed once.

This manifesto, that can be found here, is awesome! I love everything about it. It is true. And while I plan on ordering one and some day I plan on following the mantra behind it, it is something I thought I should share with all of you (all 4 of you that read my blog 😛 ). Maybe one of you can start living by this amazing mantra today as opposed to my possible some day, hehehe.

happy hump day! y’all made it!

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  1. Theresa Dolaway says

    Thanks Becca. I never knew what that was from even tho I’d seen it around from time to time. I just read their website (thanks to your link) and am inspired…I also will be making some purchases…but their t-shirts are too small for me;-(

    1. onelittlebecca says

      sad theyre too small, but get a poster! do something! hehehe thanks for reading theresa!

  2. Jenna says

    Love the mantras!!! Way to stay upbeat in the face of negativity!! Hang in there! I’m excited to hear of these big plans! have a great day and spa love!

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