Every morning, without fail, my coworker (a wonderful lady with an amazing personality) catches a ride to work with me and then once in the office, turns on her comp and goes to this youtube video (below):

Not only does she play this song every morning, but she sings to it also. It is quite interesting. Well, this morning when she was playing it, I couldn’t help but find small amounts of appreciation in my tiny little heart for this coworker of mine; not because she is a good singer, but because she is who she is and there is nothin that can stop her from doin that! (Go team Gena!!!)

Anyway, the whole idea is that people should be who they are, and we shouldn’t question it. If people spent less time questioning who other people are and what they are doin, this place would be a happier place and everyone would get along much better. We also wouldn’t have a whole lot of the petty, bickering shit.

a girl can dream can’t she?

and here is your inspiration for the day:


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