Hump day makes a comeback!

Hello all. Today, I bring you back the hump day you have all been missing!!!!   I know we all need it; whether you got haters hatin on you, or people bein fuckin idiots (yea, i might have some of those), or friends who are doin stupid shit  and refuse to see that what they are doin is stupid, or just your every day coworker who wont stop trying to suggest to you a variety of things that are just annoying…. anyway, I know we all have one or some people from each category…  Well, hopefully this will relieve all this for you. I know it worked for me!

Internet Predator Poster

To start this glorious hump day off, we have this amazingly awesome poster about creepy people. Seriously though, sometimes I wonder if there actually are people taking pictures, yknow?



<a href=””><img class=’event-item-lol-image’ src=’’ title=”epic fail photos – High Jump Attempt FAIL gif” alt=”epic fail photos – High Jump Attempt FAIL gif” height=”228px” width=”400px” /></a><br />see more <a href=””>funny videos</a>

epic fail photos - High Jump Attempt FAIL gif

and we will wrap up with this, to let you know that people here REALLY care.

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